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Hanzhong Kang


Born: 2000


Hanzhong Kang is a distinguished Composer, Music Educator and Guitarist, and a member of the Composers Association of New Zealand (CANZ), making significant strides in the world of music. In 2023, he made history as the first Chinese composer to present a Solo Works' Concert in Kazan, Russia.

He obtained his Master of Musical Composition from the University of Auckland, New Zealand, studying under prominent composers such as David Hamilton, Leonie Holmes, Chris Gendall, John Coulter, and David Chisholm. Hanzhong is the visionary behind the Hanzhong Contemporary Ensemble, Lanzhou Contemporary Ensemble, and the esteemed “Kang Guitar” brand.

Hanzhong’s exceptional talent has garnered global recognition. His Piano Trio Drunk Light Dance (Han-Yin Method) is the winning piece in the NZ Trio 2023 Composition Competition. In 2023, he achieved the World Classical Music Golden Award (1st season), the VIVALDI International Music Competition's Absolute First Prize, and the Franz Schubert International Music Competition Platinum Prize for his String Sextet piece, Name · The six of us! (Han-Yin Method). His String Ensemble work Mountainsea · Lovebirds received the 2023 Manchester International Music Competition Platinum Prize, and his String Quartet composition Tian Wu (Han Yin Method) won the 2023 Royale Music Competition Diamond Prize. In 2022, he was awarded the World Classical Music Award (4th season) for his Piano Trio composition Onlooker. The previous year, he secured both the Best Composition prize and the Best Performance prize in the 2021 Llewelyn-Jones Piano Composition Competition in New Zealand.

Notable among his representative works are Hanzhong Kang's Guitar Waltz Collection, Piano Trio Drunk Light Dance, the Han-Yin Method · The Mythical Beast of Mountainsea String quartet series, and the striking Symphony Orchestra WuHan, WuHan, which have graced international music stages with their presence. Even Russian audiences have commented: "I do not rule out that he can be compared with our great composer Sofia Gubaidulina."

"Hanzhong Kang's music is characterized by its wit and eclecticism. His compositions defy easy categorization, much like his unique role in the world of contemporary music. His works have expanded the aesthetic horizons of audiences in Lanzhou, China, and explored the original direction of local music, demonstrating the exceptional abilities of the Hanzhong Contemporary Ensemble."

Composed (27)

Desert sands white as snow

for brass quintet, 6m 30s

Elysian fields 极乐世界

for solo baritone and small ensemble, 8m 30s

Exorcist 驱魔者

electroacoustic, 4m 20s

Extreme Introspection (Han-Yin Method)

for viola and orchestra, 15m

Immortals at the River 临江仙

for solo piano, 5m 50s


for unaccompanied SATB choir, 3m 30s



L'immoraliste (Han-Yin Method)

for chamber ensemble, 10m

La Porte étroite (Han-Yin Method)

for violin, balalaika, domra, piano and double bass, 5m

Memoirs of Armenia

for soprano, bass, flute and cello, 7m 30s


for string quartet, 4m


for piano trio, 10m

Riverside Town 江城子

for harmonica and piano, 7m 30s

Totem· Phoenix

for clarinet duo, 8m

Totem·Breath of New Zealand 图腾·新西兰的呼吸

for viola, piano, fixed media, 3m 20s

Totem·Nine Dragons (Han-Yin Method) 图腾·九龙图·瀚音法

for small ensemble and taonga puoro, 8m 30s

Yu, the Lady of Beauty 虞美人

For solo harpsichord or piano, fixed media and Peking Opera, 3m 30s

Performances (1)

Hanzhong Kang | The Revival of Chinese Mythical Beast

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