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NZ Composer Sessions
Ngā Huihuinga Hāpai i ngā Kaitito o Aotearoa

The NZ Composer Sessions is a collaboration between the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, RNZ Concert and SOUNZ Centre for New Zealand Music. The aim is to create high quality new NZ orchestral recordings. 

The project, which started as NZSO-SOUNZ Readings (1998-2011), aimed to increase the performance of orchestral music by New Zealand composers. RNZ joined the project shortly after its conception. Between 1998-2023 182 works by 86 composers have been included in the project.

Click here to view a list of subsequent performances from the NZ Composer Sessions.

Ngā Huihuinga Hāpai i ngā Kaitito o Aotearoa

Ko ngā Huihuinga Hāpai i ngā Kaitito o Aotearoa (NZ Composer Sessions), he kaupapa mahi tahi nā Te Tira Puoro o Aotearoa, RNZ Concert me Toi te Arapūoru. Ko te whāinga, kia puta he hopuranga tuawhiti tonu o ngā titonga tira puoro hou i Aotearoa.

I te tīmatanga, ko te NZSO-SOUNZ Readings (1998-2011) te ingoa o te kaupapa nei. Ko tāna i whai ai, kia maha ake ngā titonga tira puoro a ngā kaitito o Aotearoa e tae atu ana ki te atamira. I roto i aua tau, 182 ngā mahinga a ngā kaitito 86 i hua ake i te kaupapa nei.

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Chris Adams: Acanthis: a winged canticle (mvt I)
Jacob Barrett: Countdown to Midnight at Carnaval
Chris Cree Brown: Double Violin Concerto (mvts II and III)
John Elmsly: Canonic Variations
Salina Fisher: Kintsugi
Alissa Long: Domino Effect
Karlo Margetić: In All Directions


Robyn Bryant: Action cue – from Borders & Margins
Josiah Carr: faultlines
David Chisholm: Pierre Boulez a la discotheque
Liam Furey: Taking a line for a walk
Leonie Holmes: Piano Concerto
Julian Kirgan Báez: Atiru (Tone Poem for Orchestra)
Jessie Leov: marble, bark, silver
Keith Moss: Overture for an unwritten opera
Nathaniel Otley: Detritus


Chris Cree Brown: Double Violin Concerto (mvt I)
Linda Dallimore: Here Goes
Simon Eastwood: Quanta 
Karlo Margetic: An Axe for the Frozen Sea 
Joshua Pearson: When a pale blue dot breathes, a crowd of cacophony begins
Micah Thompson: Song
Louise Webster: Falling brittle on the wing

For the fifth time, another orchestral work is added to the Resound Studio collection:
Penny Axtens’ Part the First will be recorded alongside the selection of new works.


David Mason: Ekimmaras
John ElmslyChamps de Cloches
Ryan Youens: Munro
Rosa Elliott: What Have You Done to Your Rivers
Michael VintenSix Korean Love Poems
Ben HoadleyTurakirae

In addition, the work Cyprian's Dance by Eve de Castro-Robinson was recorded and added to the Resound Studio collection.


Kit PowellFour Māui Legends: III. Na Māui te Ahi a te Ao (Patrick Barry, clarinet)
Reuben JelleymanVespro
Tabea SquireVariations
Alissa LongThe Corner of War
Lucien JohnsonAxum
Kirsten StromIce
Anthony YoungOn Hearing the Shining Cuckoo
Brigid BisleyGlimmer of Blue (Lenny Sakofsky, vibraphone)

In addition, the work Metamorphoses by Barry Vercoe was recorded and added to the Resound Studio collection.


Chris AdamsOtira Gorge
Reuben JelleymanHue Saturation and Brightness
Louisa NicklinOne
Philip NormanFanfare for Dame Silvia Cartwright & And Soon it will be Dawn
Andrew PerkinsThree Spanish Songs
Anthony RitchieAlbatross in Flight
Patrick ShepherdSymphony No.1, 'Lithosphere': III
Alex van den BroekBarbour St. Late Evening

For the second time, two orchestral works are added to the Resound Studio collection: Fanfare for Orchestra by Nigel Keay and Clockwerk by Maria Grenfell.


John ElmslyLanternes
Richard Francis : I, Time... from Three Movements for Orchestra: II
Chris Gendall : Incident Tableaux Part One
Natalie Hunt : Only to the Highest Mountain 
Philip Norman : When Gravity Fails (Bryony Gibson-Cornish, viola)
Patrick Shepherd : Two Seven Two One
Tabea Squire : Ao 
Louise Webster : Concerto for Violin and Orchestra: 'In hollowed bone I hear the seas roar' (Yuka Eguchi, violin)


Chris AdamsFonterra's Mad(rigal)
Noel SandersShirty
Kit PowellTe Ika A Maui
Ross HarrisThe Floating Bride, The Crimson Village
Jeremy MayallElectric Bass Concerto
Claire Cowanlegend of the trojan bird
Jack BodyPalaran: Poems of Love and War
John RimmerLahar
Karlo MargetićXylophone Concerto


Robin ToanWitch Scarers
Ryan YouensRakaia
Clare MacleanPanah
Jack BodyMeditations on Michelangelo
Simon EastwoodAurum
John ElmslyMetamorphosis
Hermione JohnsonParallax
Mike NockSketches
Michael WilliamsIn Saecula Saeculorum
David HamiltonCaveat Emptor


Anthony RitchieOrgan Overture
Anthony YoungThe Farewell
Johnathan BesserNo Riff
Bruce CrossmanPacific Dancing
Juliet PalmerSwerve
Ross HarrisMoanapouri
Jeff LinZen in a Modern Japanese Garden
Gillian Whitehead & Jack SpeirsSymphony: The Islands
Anthony RitchieDiary of a Madman: Dedication to Shostakovich


Anthony YoungBonfire
Dorothy KerThe Third Dream
Alison GrantOur Dried Voices
Helen BowaterUrwachst
Leonie HolmesFrond
John PsathasSeikilos
Claire CowanHere at this quiet limit of the world
Michael NorrisFrom the Lonely Margins of the Sea
Chris WatsonAufsatz
Stephan ProckGarden Varieties: Four Dance Vignettes
Michael VintenConcerto for Alto Saxophone and Orchestra


David FarquharBeyond...
Chris WatsonPivotal Orbits
Jeremy MayallSymphony No.1
Kit PowellRothko Variations
Patrick ShepherdSinfonietta
Nigel KeayDiversions 1, 2 & 3
Dorothy BuchananConfluence
Samuel HollowayFault
Maria GrenfellRiver Mountain Sky


Leonie HolmesFrond
Christopher MarshallTe Rerenga
Ross HarrisAs though there were no God
Christopher BlakeNight Journey to Pawarenga


Anthony YoungArrival in Opoutere
Dorothy KerThe Third Dream
Brigid Ursula BisleyIllumination
Dylan LardelliFrom Grey
Nigel KeayDiversions 1, 2 & 3
Ross HarrisOrchestral excerpts from opera 'Rasputin'
Fritha JamesonA Fan of Nelson Fare
Jonathan BesserThe 12
Helen BowaterRiver of Ocean
Chris WatsonAufsatz


Chris WatsonAufsatz
Michael NorrisFrom the Lonely Margins of the Sea
Philip BrownleeLandforms
Nigel Keayserenade pour cordes / Serenade for Strings
Christopher MarshallThe Song of Gaia


Bruce CrossmanSound Rituals
John CharlesThe Quiet Earth
Christopher BlakeAngel at Ahipara
Ross HarrisMusic for Jonny
Christopher BlakeThe Furnace of Pihanga
Bryony JaggerA New Day Dawns
John PsathasSeikilos
John RimmerSymphony (1968)
Michael WilliamsSynaesthesia
Nigel KeaySymphony in Five Movements
John ElmslyOf Secrets, Echoes...
Maria GrenfellFanfare for a City
Leonie HolmesSolstice