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Alison Grant


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Alison Grant grew up in Auckland, New Zealand, and studied there for her BA in English and BMus (Hons) in composition, under the tutelage of John Elmsly and Eve de Castro Robinson. In 2005 she moved to Wellington, and recently completed her MMus at Victoria University with composer Ross Harris. As a composer, she enjoys investigating unorthodox combinations of instruments in her works, and has been experimenting with this and the use of microtonality in her recent work. Alison has had work performed by Auckland's Karlheinz Company, the Nelson Composers Workshop and 175 East, and most recently by the orchestra of the New Zealand School of Music, as the recipient of the school's inaugural David Farquhar Award. She has had works placed in the University of Auckland's Douglas Lilburn Compositiion Prize, and in 2005 she took first prize in the Asian Composers League Young Composer Competition in Bangkok, Thailand. She has been involved in the new music scene in New Zealand for several years through the Nelson Composers Workshop and as editor of the bimonthly newsletter for the Composers Association of New Zealand. She currently composes around her role as Music Editor for a music publishing company.

Composed (4)


for chamber ensemble, 10m


for chamber ensemble

Our Dried Voices

for orchestra, 8m

Tarawera: Night Mountain

electroacoustic work, 7m