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for orchestra

Year:  2019 Instrumentation:  2(1.2/p) 2 2 2 | 4 3 3(1.2.btbn) 1 | timp+2 | hp | str (PERC 1: tambourine, cymbals, snare drm, gong | PERC 2: vibraphone)

Year:  2019
Instrumentation  2(1.2/p) 2 2 2 | 4 3 3(1.2....

Composer:   Lucien Johnson

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Axum was composed as a result of research into the music of Ethiopia. It is based off a progression of Ethiopian pentatonic scales (kinit) and seeks to combine this harmonic language with an impressionist approach to orchestral colour. It is named after the ancient Ethiopian civilization Axum, which was a great trading empire for nearly 1000 years. This piece resides at a crossroads between cultures and musical traditions.