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Bryony Jagger


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Born: 1948


Born in Salford, Lancashire on 10th March 1948. Attended Dulwich Hamlet Primary School and Mary Datchelor Girls' Grammar School in London. Robert Hitchens Trust Exhibition (from the Clothworkers' Company) to New Hall, University of Cambridge. BA Hons.Cantab in Moral Sciences and Music 1971 (studied with Roger Smalley, Robin Holloway and Patrick Gowers). Married Richard T.Phillips in 1971. Postgraduate study of composition and Chinese music (with Prof. Earl Kim and Rulan C. Pien) in Boston USA. Postgraduate study of composition (with Alan Ridout and David Willcocks) in Cambridge. Daughter Tessa born in 1973. MA Hons Cantab. 1974. Private study of Japanese music, particularly Noh drama. Emigrated to New Zealand in 1975. Private study of Maori chant. Wrote music (1978) for two Japanese dramas staged (under her direction) during the Third New Zealand Asian Studies Conference in 1979. Took New Zealand citizenship in 1983. Divorced and smashed up in a car crash in 1990. Has written music throughout her life - songs, operas, symphonic works and works for solo instruments - mostly for friends. Plays oboe, cor anglais and recorder and has played with a variety of amateur and semi-professional groups in England, the United States and New Zealand. Has sung contralto in a variety of choirs in England and New Zealand and currently sings lieder in the Auckland Lieder Group of which she is President. She also performs poetry and has made several broadcasts of her poetry; she has published 26 books of poetry.

Composed (161)

A Birthday

for soprano, mezzo-soprano, alto and piano, 3m

A Dream?

sketch for recorder and low voice (one performer)

A Mother's Carol

for SATB choir with soprano and alto solos, 3m

A New Day Dawns

for orchestra, 10m

A New Zealand Symphony

for orchestra, 20m

A Nursery of Pain

for solo treble recorder (with optional spoken voice ), 15m

A Poem for My Lover

for contralto (with microphone) and orchestra

A Poet's Requiem

for 3 narrators, soprano, mezzo & contralto soloists, choir and orchestra, 1h 15m

A song for my Lover

for contralto, narrator and orchestra, 3m

A Tear Wiped Away

for soprano, tenor voices and harp, 15m

Abortion Debate

for 2 choirs and 2 sopranos, 7m

Agnus Dei

for 2 choirs and 2 sopranos, 6m

Ah! Sunflower

for SA choir and flute, 2m


for two cellos, 8m

Are You Waiting?

for solo bass clarinet and small orchestra


for cor anglais and small orchestra, 5m

Autumn Floods

solo high soprano, double SATB choir, orchestra, 1h 30m

Ave Verum Corpus

for counter-tenor, two tenors, baritone and bass, 3m


for contralto, 3m


for solo flute, 2m


for recorder, 3m

Binary Fission

for flute and oboe, 5m

Birds of Enlightenment

theatre cantata based on a Noh play for choir, soloists and percussion, 53m

Blood Lilies

for soprano and orchestra


for contralto and clarinet, 4m

Brass Quintet No. 2

for 2 trumpets, 2 horns and trombone

Breaking Silence

for orchestra, 11m

Cancion del Naranjo Seco

for contralto and piano

Canonic Duets

for flute and bassoon, 6m

Cherry Blossom

for contralto, 1m

Child Angel

for contralto, 3m


tone poem for cor anglais and orchestra, 11m


a lyric opera in 2 acts, 1h 40m

Christmas Cake Carol

for SATB choir with soprano solo and organ, 3m

Christmas Song

for contralto and piano, 4m

Christmas Song

for contralto and piano

Cinq Chansons de Bilitis

for low contralto and piano, 22m


a song cycle for mezzo-soprano and piano, 16m


song for voice and orchestra, 7m


for contralto and piano, 3m


for five male voice, 6m

Creator's Quandary

for voice and treble recorder, 3m

Daddy Long Legs

duet for tenor and baritone with piano, 10m

Days of the Week

seven pieces for unaccompanied treble recorder

Delusive Trance

for soprano and harp, 12m

Dreams in the Grass

A fantasy for mezzo-soprano, treble recorder and narrator, 35m

Ears in the Turrets Hear

for unaccompanied tenor, 4m


for tenor and piano, 4m


for solo flute, trumpet and chamber orchestra, 4m


for solo flute

Epithalamium 1

for treble recorder, 3m

Epithalamium 2

for treble recorder, 3m

Eternal Rest

for tenor solo and SATB a cappella choir, 8m

Evening Tide

for narrator and 5 percussionists, 10m


for oboe, 2m

First Love

a song cycle for dramatic soprano and piano, 30m


for tenor and bassoon, 3m

For the Unborn

sonata for flutes for 2 or more players, 11m

For the Unconceived

for contralto and bassoon, 3m

Four Fantasies

for unaccompanied treble recorder, 16m

From the Land of the Tattooed Faces

for tenor, oboe and reciter, 8m

Given That

a song for contralto voice, descant recorder (or piccolo) and flute, 3m

Gloria for the Unconceived

a song for contralto, woodblock, triangle and horn, 6m

Great Sea

for boys choir, 5m

He Comes

for contralto and horn, 3m

He Comes

for horn and cor anglais or two horns

He it is

for contralto and piano, 4m

If "Red" be Read

for chamber orchestra


a cycle of haiku for tenor and piano, 7m

La Nuit

for alto, tenor and piano, 4m 30s

Lament for a Lost Love

for treble recorder, 8m

Le Martyre de St. Sebastien

songs for soprano and baritone with harp and string orchestra, 9m

Leopards of the Moon

a song cycle for soprano and violin, 11m

Let my Song be Simple

for mezzo-soprano and piano

Let This Be my Parting Word

a song for contralto voice and piano, 4m

Love Duet

for solo contrabassoon, 6m

Love's Alchemy

song cycle tenor and piano, 6m

Lovers' Infiniteness

for mezzo-soprano and piano, 6m


a song for mezzo-soprano, clarinet and horn, 3m


for contralto, horn and piano, 4m

Meditation on Longing

for cor anglais

Mele Sapphoa

for counter-tenor and chamber ensemble, 16m


for medium voice and piano, 2m


for coloratura soprano and bassoon, 4m


haiku cycle for low contralto and chamber orchestra, 4m

Night Hours

a song cycle for mezzo-soprano and treble recorder

On Another's Sorrow

for clarinet, 2 horns and 2 bassoons, 5m

On Another's Sorrow

for five male voices, 5m

On the Shore

for solo violin

Oreti Beach

for baritone and piano, 3m

Passer Mortus Est

for contralto and piano


duets for two oboes


for three recorders and voice (one performer)

Plucking The Flower

for wind quintet (with optional voice)

Poor Fly

for five male voices, 6m

Psalm 88 Sonata

for two cellos, 16m

Release from Hell

operetta for actor 2 singers, chorus and instruments, 15m

Requiem Brevis

for unaccompanied double choir, soprano, alto, tenor, counter tenor, and bass,, 20m


for tenor and orchestra, 4m


a song cycle for soprano and treble recorder, 20m


one act chamber opera, 40m


song for voice and treble recorder, 2m

Sinfonia di Requiem

tone poem for small orchestra, 10m


for contralto and wind quartet, 10m

Six Basho Haiku

for low contralto and chamber ensemble, 4m

Songs for Katherine

for high soprano and piano, 7m

Songs From the Asylum

a cycle of three songs for baritone and piano, 14m

Songs of Parting

for soprano and horn, 9m

Sonnets I

for horn and orchestra, 3m

Sonnets II

for solo horn and orchestra, 5m

Soul Flower

for contralto and flute, 1m

Summer Christmas

for SATB choir

Summer Madness

a song for contralto and piano, 5m

Summer Xmas

carol for SATB choir, 2m

Sun, Moon and Stars

for low voice and piano

Tanka: Reality?

for unaccompanied high voice (soprano), 2m

Tavern Fragments

for contralto/narrator and oboe, 30m


for solo violin, 3m

Te Kaminara

for baritone and chamber ensemble, 26m

Te Waiata

for choir

The Bethlehem Star

for SSA choir

The Clod And The Pebble

for SA choir and piano, 2m

The Divine Meditations of John Donne

a song cycle for countertenor and piano, 21m

The Drummer Boy

a song for voice and piano set over a Bach prelude, 6m

The Glory of God

for flute choir

The Idea Came

for orchestra, 8m

The Marriage of Heaven and Hell

for tenor solo and choir, 38m

The Marriage of True Minds

a song for soprano and violin, 3m

The Mask

for wind quintet, 3m

The Message

for mezzo-soprano and piano, 4m

The Paragraph Investigations

six pieces for unaccompanied treble recorder

The Price of Experience

for soprano and harp, 10m

The Red

for contralto voice and piano, 5m

The Shadow of Your Presence

for clarinet and orchestra

The Shadow of Your Presence

a song cycle for soprano and piano, 14m

The Shepherd's Carol

for SAB choir, 3m

The Shepherds' Carol

a carol for SAB choir

The Sick Rose

for SA choir and piano, 2m

The Wall

for contralto and piano, 4m

Thirteen Basho Haiku

for tenor, bass and oboe, 12m

Three Heine Songs

for voice and piano, 6m

Three Heine Songs

for high voice and piano

Three Li Po Songs

for low voice and two flutes, 6m

Three Maori Psalm Settings for the Dorian Choir

for double choir and solos, 17m

Three Simonides Songs

for low contralto, oboe, harp and timpani, 5m

Three Sonya Songs

for mezzo-soprano and clarinet, 9m

Three Tanka

for contralto and flute, 2m

Thyrsus Diptych

for solo flute, 5m

Time Long Past

a song cycle for mezzo-soprano and cello, 4m

Tip of a Hair

suite for orchestra from "Autumn Floods", 10m

To Althea From Prison

unaccompanied song for solo tenor, 2m

Towards The Light

fanfare for orchestra


for mezzo-soprano and piano

Virgin Birth

Christmas cantata for small choir, soloists, oboe and piano, 32m


for contralto and flute, 2m

Will You Remember?

for mezzo-soprano, 2m

Willy Worm And Pink Shawl

for clarinet, mezzo and piano, 4m

Wind Song And Rain

for SATB choir, 2m

Yonghy Bonghy Bo

for baritone and piano with household percussion, 10m

You Tread on my Dreams

a song cycle for soprano and cello, 16m