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Penny Axtens


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Penelope Axtens completed an Honours degree in Composition at the University of Auckland, and completed studying a Masters degree at Victoria University of Wellington in 1999. She won the inaugural Music 2000 Prize for an orchestral work run by the NZSO and Concert FM and was also awarded the orchestra prize in the same competition. The winning work, Part the Second, was given performances and broadcast throughout New Zealand. Part of her prize was a commission from the NZSO which was premiered during 2002. Penelope Axtens has had works performed by 175 East and other contemporary ensembles.

Composed (7)

For Violin, Violoncello and Piano

for piano trio, 10m

From the Sixth Hour

for orchestra, 19m

Nolens Volens

suite for cello, 5m


for flute, oboe, clarinet, bass clarinet, bassoon, horn, trumpet and trombone

Part the First

for orchestra, 8m

Part the Second

for orchestra, 10m


for solo piano

Recordings (1)

New Zealand Trio - Spark

Not applicable

Resources (1)

Canzona 2002 vol 23 no 44

Commentary or analysis