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Mike Crowl



Mike Crowl is a Dunedin pianist and composer, and is well-known in his home city as an accompanist of singers and instrumentalists. After living most of his life in Dunedin, he recently moved – unexpectedly – an hour and a half north to Oamaru.

He has composed music for many years. The majority of his compositions are either for voice with piano accompaniment or for piano solo. A number of his works have been performed in concerts and singing competitions. In recent years he has conducted a senior ladies’ choir, and has written several songs for them. He is currently part of a piano trio working on one of his compositions, amongst other music.

From the 60s onwards, he has been involved with amateur groups in his home town as a repetiteur for both operas and musicals. In the 90s he worked on several productions as musical director for Opera Alive, an offshoot of Opera Otago, intended as a training ground for young singers learning to work onstage.

During the mid to late 60s, he worked professionally with the NZ Opera Company, both as repetiteur and as the ‘orchestra’ for their piano tours. He also accompanied the NZ Opera Quartet in a nationwide tour of NZ high schools. He spent several years in the UK after attending the repetiteurs’ course at the London Opera Centre.

In 2011, as well as co-writing the script for Grimhilda!, a children’s musical, he composed and orchestrated the music. This was produced in the Mayfair Theatre in Dunedin in April 2012.

In 2006, he was commissioned by a young tenor, Brent Read, to write four songs for him and in 2018 he completed a commission of five songs for soprano Lois Johnston.

Composed (28)

A Cowboy Learns the Tarantella

for solo piano, 3m 20s

Bach Does the Housework

for solo piano, 2m 45s

Church Sunday

for tenor and piano, 9m 30s


for piano, 6m 25s


for mezzo-soprano and piano, 2m


for piano, 5m

Five Pieces for Kobi Bosshard

for solo piano, 13m

Impatient Cyclist in Traffic

for piano, 4m 5s

Long Barren

for mezzo-soprano and piano, 1m 30s

Maryhill Trio

for piano trio, 17m

Merely an Excuse

for piano duet, 2m

Morning Celebratory

for piano, 6m 50s

Piece for Cello and Piano

for cello and piano, 5m


for mezzo-soprano and piano, 3m 30s


for tenor and piano, 2m 45s


for piano, 4m 5s

Small Pictures of Dunedin

for alto or baritone and piano, 14m 30s

Someone's Knocking - is it Beethoven?

for solo piano, 2m 45s

Song for a Child

for mezzo-soprano and piano, 2m

Spring Day, Near Arrowtown

for mezzo-soprano and piano, 3m

Sun O (2)

for solo voice and piano, 1m 30s

The cornet player goes on holiday

for solo piano, 3m 15s

The Gardener's Song

for mezzo-soprano and piano

The Hills

for tenor and piano, 2m

Three Saints Celebrating

for three pianists on one piano, 1m 55s

Trains They Go Along a Trainline

for solo piano, 8m 30s

Performances (1)

Grandfather Said It!

LUNCH TIME CONCERT Grandfather Said It! Lois Johnston will sing a cycle of newly-commission...