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for piano trio

Year:  2005   ·  Duration:  8m

Year:  2005
Duration:  8m

Composer:   Samuel Holloway

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Samuel Holloway: Stapes - A...

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Stapes is the first piece in a series of three trios collectively entitled Middle Ear. The stapes (or stirrup) is the smallest in the chain of three bones that transmit vibrations from the eardrum to the internal ear in the process of transformation of external soundwaves to a response within the listener. In this work, the players work both together and against each other, in individual and collective struggles for articulacy.

Performance history

08 Oct 2005: Performed by the NZTrio, under the auspices of the Karlheinz Company, at the Music Theatre, University of Auckland

26 Nov 2007: ISCM-ACL - World Music Days

03 Aug 2008: Prodigal Songs

24 Nov 2009: Radio NZ Concert: NZTrio
Featuring: Radio New Zealand Concert

29 May 2011: NZTrio Kiwi Sampler 2

17 Apr 2012: New Zealand in L.A.

15 Nov 2012: NZTrio in Turkey - Asian Composers' Festival

22 Feb 2013: After Lilburn

27 Aug 2013: NZTrio: Art to the power of three - HEARTBEATS

27 Sep 2013: NZTrio | Warsaw Autumn Festival Fringe Event

28 Sep 2013: NZTrio | Krakow

17 May 2014: NZTrio | new New Zealand music - Beijing Modern Festival

22 May 2014: NZTrio | O Cambodia - Composers Association of Zhejiang Province

18 Mar 2015: At The Edge of Silence | Horizont Musik-Kollektiv Launch Concert

15 Dec 2019: NZTrio | Tectonic Uprising

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