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for piano solo

Year:  2010   ·  Duration:  10m

Year:  2010
Duration:  10m

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Alex Campbell-Hunt: Compute...

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'Computer' was originally conceived as a tone poem for full orchestra, though while writing I noticed that some of the ideas would be quite well-suited to a keyboard instrument, so I decided to start out by creating a solo piano version (which I plan to later adapt for orchestra). The image I had in mind when writing was of being inside a giant computer, with electrical signals periodically shooting past overhead. Initially the music is very sparse and is built solely
around stacked 5ths. Later on diminished 5ths are introduced into the mix, and the sound becomes gradually more dissonant while notes become more frequent - possibly as the computer is crashing or malfunctioning, or being infected by a virus. There are several chords and note-sequences that feature prominently, each of which appears only after all of its notes have been generated by the pattern of stacked 5ths and diminished 5ths.