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Kitchen Koncerto

for percussion ensemble (5 players)

Year:  2005   ·  Duration:  6m 3s
Instrumentation:  2 cow bells, 3 Chinese wood blocks, 3 large brake drums, sizzle cymbal, suspended cymbal, hi hat, opera gong, woodblock, snare drum, triange, bass drum, metal wind chimes, tambourine, 3 tom toms, 2 African drums, 2 congas, vibraphone, marimba, glockenspiel, tam tam

Year:  2005
Duration:  6m 3s
Instrumentation  2 cow bells, 3 Chinese wood...

Denis Betro

Composer:   Denis Betro

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Denis Betro: Kitchen Koncer...

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Commisioned in 2005, Kitchen Koncerto is in three distinct sections, played continuously. The first section is a Canon, first expressed as a rhythmic pattern, as is the melodic idea which follows. The section ends with a roll on the Gong, which increases in volume, then dies away.

The middle section is a reflective and atmospheric soundscape which intrigued the audience at the first performance, judging by the emails subsequently received.

The final section is a polyrhythmic structure in quicker tempo which produced an atmosphere of fun from the original performers.

Commissioned note

Kitchen Koncerto was commissioned by the percussion group Brake Drum Assembly and was performed by them at the All Ears Festival in London on 21 September 2005

Performance history

21 Sep 2005: Performed by Brake Drum Assembly at the "All Ears Festival" in London, England.