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Journey into the Void

for recorder quintet with piano accompaniment

Year:  2023 Instrumentation:  2 descant recorders, 1 alto recorder, 1 tenor recorder, 1 bass recorder and piano

Year:  2023
Instrumentation  2 descant recorders, 1 alto...

Judith Bell

Composer:   Judith Bell

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Judith Bell: Journey into t...

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Journey into the Void for two descants, alto, tenor and bass recorders.
The main melody only uses G A B and C and can work with just the melody and backing track, but will shine with the extra, more advanced parts written (extra descant, alto, tenor and bass).
The 🄰 theme sits comfortably in 7 beats per bar. While this may be a new challenge, I included this because firstly it’s a comfortable 7-beat theme, and secondly it may be a good opportunity to experience playing, performing and perhaps lighting a fire of composition in different time signatures.
The middle 🄱 section is a contrasting chorale-like section that finishes with a chime-like last 2 bars with descending recorder entries.
This section is smooth and in 4 time, so it is a more serene contrast to the adventurous and lively 🄰 theme.

The score can be purchased here.