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Limpet and Barnacle Rock

for recorders and piano or backing track

Year:  2023   ·  Duration:  1m 7s
Instrumentation:  Recorders (from beginner to advanced), piano or backing track (band)

Year:  2023
Duration:  1m 7s
Instrumentation  Recorders (from beginner t...

Judith Bell

Composer:   Judith Bell

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Judith Bell: Limpet and Bar...

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This melody just has three notes, B, A and G. The rhythm of the melody matches the title “Limpet and Barnacle Rock”. The tune can work with just the 3-note descant part with accompaniment, or it can include any or all of other recorder parts. The alto part is an exact double of the lower descant harmony part so you can use whatever suits your group best. The alto part could also be played on a tenor. The very top advanced part is optional, but a fun additional part for any more advanced descant musicians.

“Limpet and Barnacle Rock” is about discovering marine life as we explore a rocky shoreline. I was imagining the times I spent with my children at Cave Rock when they were little. The word rock in the title is a play on both coastal rock and the rock genre.

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Contents note

This is part of the MENZA "KIWICORDER" series which is a set of 13 recorder compositions by Judith and Michael Bell