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Hop Crop

music for a video game

Year:  2022 Instrumentation:  virtual instruments

Year:  2022
Instrumentation  virtual instruments


Mordecai the frog loves to plant crops in their cosy cottage garden. Using crop rotation principles, they never plant the same crop in the same plot! Can you help Mordecai get a full crop of carrots without over-exerting the soil?

Hop Crop is an educational puzzle game that teaches the player about crop rotation and interplanting through gameplay and unlockable facts. Mordecai the Maud Island frog hops through their garden to plant tomatoes. When they hop on the same plot again, they'll plant carrots to diversify the soil. The aim of the game is to maximise the carrot crop yield while also caring for the soil by not planting three times in the same plot.

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Video game released on, can be played for free