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Rue d'Auseil

for solo viola and live electronics

Year:  2021   ·  Duration:  8m

Year:  2021
Duration:  8m

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Michaela Cornelius: Rue d'A...

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"There in the narrow hall, outside the bolted door with the covered keyhole, I often heard sounds which filled me with an indefinable dread – the dread of vague wonder and brooding mystery. It was not that the sounds were hideous, for they were not; but that they held vibrations suggesting nothing on this globe of earth, and that at certain intervals they assumed a symphonic quality which I could hardly conceive as produced by one player."

— The Music of Erich Zann, H.P. Lovecraft

Rue d'Auseil is an exploration of timbral qualities of the viola. Primarily it journeys through timbre by treating the viola as a vocal instrument. For each vowel, different timbral qualities are assigned, and throughout the piece, these qualities morph into one another, exploring similarities and differences. The final minute of improvisation allows the performer to fully embody an individual interpretation of this exploration.

In 2021, 'Rue d'Auseil' was given a Highly Commended Award by the Australia and New Zealand Viola Society.