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Night Fliers

for mixed ensemble

Year:  2021   ·  Duration:  5m
Instrumentation:  1 Oboe, 1 Bassoon, Crotales (Standard Set), Marimba, 2 Solo Violins, 8 Violin I, 8 Violin II, 3 Violas, 4 Cellos, 2 Contrabasses

Year:  2021
Duration:  5m
Instrumentation  1 Oboe, 1 Bassoon, Crotales...

Composer:   Anya Keggenhoff

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A full moon is revealed by parting clouds — silhouetted against its silvery light is a flock of black bats, chasing flurries of moths and other flying insects of the night. The night air might be still, but there is activity on the wing; thousands of beating wings; individuals following separate flight paths.

Night Fliers attempts to capture this scene; flowing, languid figures in much of the instruments seem to follow their own logic, carrying their own destinations while still contributing to the scene as a whole. The textures of the piece are built up from constantly moving states; there is a relentlessness to the texture, but also a lightness; an airiness. The piece should never feel static, but elasticity of tempo can be observed where appropriate; this piece is not meant to be performed within a well-defined construct of a tempo, but rather, it can ‘breathe’ in and out where it needs to.