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What's the Purpose Of This Project?

a sound installation

Year:  2020   ·  Duration:  30m

Year:  2020
Duration:  30m

Composer:   Evangelina Telfar

Marcus Jackson

Composer:   Marcus Jackson


We tend to ask ourselves big questions when we lie down to go to sleep, but we seldom talk about our thoughts the next day.

What's the Purpose of this Project? is a show about the universality of self-doubt. The show tackles self-doubt in a variety of areas. Often, we find ourselves asking “am I doing it right?” when it comes to gender, sexuality, religion, creative practice, cultural background, or scientific study. This show brings to light the fact that everyone has these kinds of questions, they make us who we are.

Part audio-essay, part-soundscape, we wanted to create a listening space, where people would feel comfortable to open up to themselves, hold their self-doubt in front of them, and explore the diverse roles it plays in their lives.

People from all walks of life gave their time, allowing us to interview them about various aspects of self-doubt. Using these interviews and a good dose of sonic storytelling, we hope to open up conversations about self-doubt and mental health more broadly within New Zealand. Hopefully, these conversations will continue after the show, as an ongoing process towards a mental wellness culture.

Introspectively staged, we invite you to lie down (or sit, if you prefer), and experience those anxious moments right before you drift off, though—we hope—with a bit more clarity, this time around.