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for chamber ensemble

  ·  Duration:  14m
Instrumentation:  1. voice + harmonium | 2. karatalas + voice | 3. bansuri | 4. mridanga | 5. alto fl/picc | 6. harp | 7. perc 1 | 8. perc 2 | 9. violin | 10. viola | 11. cello

Duration:  14m
Instrumentation  1. voice + harmonium | 2. k...

Composer:   Sarah Ballard

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Sarah Ballard: Paramātmā - ...

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Paramātmā is a Sanskrit term meaning ‘Supersoul’. The prime yoga text Bhagavad-gītā discusses the nature of the Supersoul, the localized aspect of the Supreme, from whom everything comes, and who is situated in everyone’s heart. It is from Paramātmā that we receive intelligence. For instance, one may toil for the answer to a complex equation, philosophical conundrum, the next notes in a composition, and in a quiet moment of walking, household duties, or taking rest, the solution suddenly comes to us. This is Paramātmā.

Each Sanskrit verse in this piece reveals details about the nature of Paramātmā, culminating in a sonic effulgence upon the statement that the Supreme is the source of light in all luminous objects, is beyond the darkness of matter, and is situated in everyone’s heart.