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A Priori


Year:  2008   ·  Duration:  6m

Year:  2008
Duration:  6m

Composer:   Anton Killin

Films, Audio & Samples

Anton Killin: A Priori - AUDIO

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The term "a priori" in philosophy refers to that which is already known or presupposed before any kind of inquiry has taken place.

This piece organises vocal sounds into a specific trajectory and juxtaposes these sounds with electronically manipulated material and recordings of nature and machinery. I recorded speakers of various languages – Polish (Andrzej Nowicki), Japanese (Andy Tate), Russian (Liz Platova), French (Clare Tattersall), Luo (Beryl Matete), English (myself), Dutch and German (Duncan Nairn). These languages were ‘altered’ during the recording process to accommodate the trajectory (from vowel sounds to whole words to consonant sounds to percussive voice sounds to breath sounds) and thus, while the grammar structures of each language still inform the ‘words’ of its speaker, the original meaning of word-combinations is tainted and often lost.

Much of the electronic sounds were created from these voice recordings. Moreover, a lot of only subtle electronic embellishment was employed at times – an aesthetic decision that ‘holds back’ on many opportunities to modify sounds and thus foregrounds the inverted linguistic function of the spoken languages into a purely aural sensation by presenting the recordings as they are, often without electronic manipulation.