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for mezzo-soprano, piano, bassoon and male choir

Year:  2008

Year:  2008


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F/Wh/Fugue was first performed on October 8th by Ana Good (mezzo), Joyce Whitehead (piano), Ben Hoadley (bassoon) and a male voice ensemble from the St Paul's Cathedral choir led by David Burchall. Ceramic vessels, modelled on the steep sides of the fiords and made by Glenday and decorated by Claire Beynon, were played by Claire Beynon and Greg O'Brien.

The piece evolved from a six-day journey by ten artists to Dusky and Doubtful Sound in Fiordland, and particularly to the Camelot river, which drains into Gaer Arm in Doubtful Sound.

Both the journey and the performance were part of a fund-raising drive by the Caselberg Trust, to complete the purchase of the Broad Bay house (that belonged to John and Anna Caselberg) for use as an artists' residency.

Text note

Text by Claire Beynon

Performance history