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this liquid drift of light

for piano

Year:  2004   ·  Duration:  5m

Year:  2004
Duration:  5m

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Eve de Castro-Robinson: thi...

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Eve de Castro-Robinson: thi...

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Kenneth Young introduces th...

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Stephen de Pledge: Landscap...

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The title is taken from the poem Spring Drift Kawhia by New Zealand poet Denys Trussell and refers to the shallow tidal harbour of Kawhia on the western coast of the North Island:

"Now hills half-stripped of gods rim this liquid drift of light, and the sea-eye flashes mosaic beneath a nest of cliffs startling the shag in its pine-black tower."

The evocative phrase provided the inspiration for this 'landscape prelude', written with gratitude to its commissioner, the wonderfully poetic pianist Stephen De Pledge. It was premiered by him in the Wigmore Hall, London, on 23rd January 2004.

Commissioned note

Commissioned by Stephen De Pledge with funding from Creative New Zealand

Stephen De Pledge

Text note

Title by Denys Trussell

Performance history

23 Jan 2004: Premiered by Stephen De Pledge at Wigmore Hall, London, United Kingdom

30 Mar 2004: Performed by Stephen de Pledge (piano) at Helen Young Studio, Auckland for Radio New Zealand Concert

27 Feb 2008: Landscapes

25 Aug 2010: NZ Landscapes in UK

05 Apr 2011: Stephen De Pledge at The New Zealand International Piano Festival

04 Jul 2011: Stephen de Pledge: Landscape Preludes

22 Mar 2012: Stephen de Pledge presents the "Landscape Preludes" to Scotland

03 May 2012: NZ Piano Music of the '2000s'

02 Jul 2015: The Wallace National Piano Competition | Opening Ceremony

12 Oct 2019: Performed by Geoffrey Hinds at St Barnabas Church, Mt Eden, Auckland

Performed by Henry Wong Doe.

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