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Matthew Marshall | Brighter Than Blue — downloadable MP3 ALBUM

Digital sound file mp3

Matthew Marshall | Brighter Than Blue — downloadable MP3 ALBUM

Audio/visual Publication year: 2020



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This new album by classical guitarist Matthew Marshall features world premiere recordings of music written by New Zealand composers.

Primarily an album of duos, the album starts with Philip Norman’s six-part Tense Melodies for guitar and flute (Carol Hohauser), then continues with Anthony Ritchie’s Autumn Moods for guitar and cello (Heleen du Plessis) and Kenneth Young’s three-piece Suite for guitar and violin (Tessa Petersen). The set concludes with It’s Love, Isn’t It?, a 15-part work by Philip Norman featuring poetry by Alistair Te Ariki Campbell and Meg Campbell recited by Sir Jon Trimmer and Dame Kate Harcourt.

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Click below to hear audio samples and download individual tracks:

—Philip Norman: Tense Melodies—
1. i. Piangevole
2. ii. Cantabile
3. iii. Tempo rubato
4. iv. Animato
5. v. Dolento
6. vi. Con moto
—Anthony Ritchie: Autumn Moods—
7. Autumn Moods
—Kenneth Young: Suite for Violin and Guitar—
8. i. Andante rubato
9. ii. Adagio
10. iii. Moderato sostenuto
—Philip Norman: It’s Love, Isn’t It?—
11. i. Wild Honey
12. ii. The Fall
13. iii. Brown Peahen
14. iv. To Rid Myself of You
15. v. To a Young Friend
16. vi. To a Young Girl
17. vii. The Way Back
18. viii. The New House
19. ix. Gift of Dreams
20. x. The Australian Girl
21. xi. Big Game Fisherman
22. xii. A Confession
23. xiii. Bee of Anger
24. xiv. Resistance
25. xv. Tidal (for Meg)

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