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Liam Furey


Born: 1998


Liam Furey discovered their passion for classical music at the age of eleven, and since then, their journey has been nothing short of remarkable. Furey started lessons with Gillian Bibby in 2011, learning piano and composition. Furey ran with the foundations provided by Bibby, proving to be fruitful as they garnered numerous accolades. Furey triumphed at local IRMT piano competitions, was honoured with the prestigious Senior Composition Prize for Chamber Music NZ's Secondary School Contest, and achieved the distinguished LTCL (Distinction) and LMusNZ Piano Diplomas in 2017. Furey’s study at the New Zealand School of Music from 2018 had them learn piano under Jian Liu and composition under Michael Norris, and was exposed to numerous internationally-acclaimed pianists in masterclasses, including Denes Varjon, Lars Vogt and Deirdre Irons. During this time, Furey competed and placed in many of the school’s competitions for composition and New Zealand music and co-founded the Sounds of Te Kōkī concert series, premiering works by emerging composers from the New Zealand School of Music. In 2022, Furey graduated with a Bachelor of Music with First-class Honours.

Beyond their musical achievements, Furey is a fervent advocate for social implications in music. Through carefully curated programs that blend genres and focus on contemporary and New Zealand music, they forge profound connections with audiences. Furey's innovative approach to programming weaves together genre juxtaposition, history, and theory, resulting in captivating and unique expressions.

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Composed (12)

An Everlasting Duality

for violin and piano, 4m

Disturbances - I: Micro (Particle)

for solo clarinet, 10m


for flute, clarinet, horn, percussion, harp, piano, violin, viola and cello, 10m 30s

Nocturne in F minor

for solo piano, 5m

Piano Trio in G minor

for piano, violin and cello, 10m

Prelude in C minor

for solo piano, 2m

Preludes for Piano

for solo piano, 10m 30s

Sea Prelude

for cello and piano, 5m


for flute (piccolo), clarinet (bass clarinet), violin, cello and piano, 5m

Sonata for Viola

for solo viola, 7m

Taking a Line for a Walk

for orchestra, 10m

The Silence of Kilsmister Tops

for solo piano, 2m