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I write and chew and crack my bones and think about hospitality

for soprano and ensemble

  ·  Duration:  11m 30s
Instrumentation:  soprano, bass flute, oboe, viola, double bass, trombone, piano and percussion

Duration:  11m 30s
Instrumentation  soprano, bass flute, oboe, ...

Ihlara McIndoe

Composer:   Ihlara McIndoe

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Ihlara McIndoe: I write and...

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I am fascinated by the role that the arts have in the preservation of history, and the exploration of futures. I believe that the arts are a training ground for new possibilities, and the ultimate reflection of both real and imagined histories. How we traverse notions of preservation and exploration across our artistic practices—whether that be creatively in the works we present, in the communities we foster, or in the governance, strategy, and financial models we find ourselves working within—shapes what our artistic futures sound like, look like, feel like, and ultimately, influences the sustainability of creativity.

As artists, we often use our art to critique the world around us. But the social and bureaucratic microcosm in which our art germinates and manifests itself is also deserving of cogent critique: it is deserving of reflection, of new offerings and insights, in order to best support all those creating and enjoying the art that is so fundamental—whether in the mainstream or on the fringe, or somewhere indescribable—to our understanding of what it means to be human

Commissioned note

Commissioned by Stroma with funding from Creative New Zealand