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ex cathedra

for piano solo

Year:  2020   ·  Duration:  5m

Year:  2020
Duration:  5m

Colin Decio

Composer:   Colin Decio

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ex cathedra was composed shortly after a piano recital in Wellington Cathedral of St. Paul. In the pre-concert practise I had played a short bottom ‘A’ on the piano and the echo had reverberated delightfully around the space for quite some time. So I decided to compose a piece using this echo. The work was consequently dedicated to the cathedral.

Ex cathedra - is a Latin phrase, meaning not "from the cathedral," but "from the chair." The phrase does have religious origins though: it was originally applied to decisions made by Popes from their thrones. According to Roman Catholic doctrine, a Pope speaking ex cathedra on issues of faith or morals is infallible. In general use, the phrase has come to be used with regard to statements made by people in positions of authority, and it is often used ironically to describe someone speaking with overbearing or unwarranted self-certainty.

Dedication note

composed for Wellington Cathedral of St. Paul

Contents note

one meditative movement