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Seikilos Chimes

for solo guitar

Year:  2019   ·  Duration:  19m

Year:  2019
Duration:  19m

Bruce Paine

Composer:   Bruce Paine

Films, Audio & Samples

Bruce Paine: 1. While you l...

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Bruce Paine: 2. Sing and Da...

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Bruce Paine: 3. Life is Sho...

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Bruce Paine: 4. Time Demand...

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Sample Score

Sample: pages 5, 12, 16 and 20 of score

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On a tombstone near Aydin in Turkey is the oldest surviving complete music composition in existence: the Seikilos Epitaph. The epitaph appears alongside ancient Greek music notation from around the first or second century AD. The message is universal and as relevant today as it was when first engraved in stone centuries ago. The four movements of the guitar solo Seikilos Chimes were inspired by respective phrases of the epitaph. The composition stands to highlight the important message, urging us all to shine, or in other words live positively in every respect and every moment of our lives; also that time and life is short, not to be wasted nor spent in a negative way.

Dedication note

for Barkin Sertkaya

Contents note

  1. While you live, shine
  2. Sing and Dance
  3. Life is Short
  4. Time Demands its Toll