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The Flickering Flame

a track created for a Sound on Sound collaboration album

Year:  2020   ·  Duration:  5m 7s
Instrumentation:  Clarsach Harp (bowed and plucked), Porotiti, Whale Jawbone Tumutumu, Albatross Wing Bone Ororuarangi, Albatross Wing Bone Pōrutu, Tibetan Singing Bowl, Irish Flute, Tin Whistle, Uilleann Pipes, Gaia Synth, Double Bass Pizzicato Patch

Year:  2020
Duration:  5m 7s
Instrumentation  Clarsach Harp (bowed and pl...

Bob Bickerton

Composer:   Bob Bickerton

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Bob Bickerton: The Flickeri...

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I wrote The Flickering Flame in 2000 when I was involved with Friends of Tibet. It struck me that despite great repression Tibetans had held onto their culture, but that, like a flickering flame, the link was tenuous and could extinguish at any time. Perhaps in the uncertain times of today the same concept could apply more broadly.