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Or looked back to the flowing

for large orchestra

Year:  2017   ·  Duration:  14m
Instrumentation:  23*3* 3*; 4330; 4 perc.; cel, pno, hp; str (12,12,10,8,6) | (Perc: 2 crotales, 2 glock., xylo., vib., mar., tub. bells, 8 triangles, 4 gongs, tam-tam, bass drum)

Year:  2017
Duration:  14m
Instrumentation  23*3* 3*; 4330; 4 perc.; ce...

Composer:   Neville Hall

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The sonic material that forms the basis of the composition Or looked back to the flowing is heard at the end of the piece. In the process of composing, this material was deconstructed and transformed in a variety of ways, giving rise to a network of sonic events that become gradually more fragmented and fragile. It is with these more fragmented events that the piece begins, and as it proceeds there is a sense of the material gradually coalescing into more weighty configurations, a process that is reminiscent of the “reverse entropy” we witness when, for example, we view images of breaking glass played backwards. The title, which is taken from Ezra Pound’s Cantos, can be understood as a reference to the role of memory in perceiving musical form.

Commissioned note

Commissioned by RTV Slovenia