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Persistence, Colour, Hysteria, Rapture

for orchestra

Year:  2013 Instrumentation:  3*3*3*3*; 4331; timp., 2 perc.; harp; strings | (Perc: sn.dr, cast., sleigh bells, police whistle, flexatone, bs.dr, cymbals, tam-tam, tatchet, tamb., guiro, maracas, tom-toms, tub. bells, bird whistle, anvil, vibraslap, sizzle cymbal, crank siren)

Year:  2013
Instrumentation  3*3*3*3*; 4331; timp., 2 pe...

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Relentless and driving, Persistence, Colour, Hysteria, Rapture thrusts forward with a primal, barbaric energy, teetering on the verges of chaos, propelled by a unyielding sonic force. At times confused, at others neurotic and even violent, emotion and reason give way sheer dynamism as the listener is taken on a journey through a variety of complex sonic landscapes. These landscapes evoke a myriad of feelings, from the tantalising to the bizarre, the acerbic to the sensuous, the bleak to the colourful, the hysterical to the opulent, the obsessive to the serene.

The music itself is detailed, complex, busy and always moving, simultaneously ordered and disordered. Both the pitch material and the rhythmic material are derived from ordered rows and cells, however this material seems to take on its own life force, creating seemingly spontaneous and rapturous sonorities. Persistence, Colour, Hysteria, Rapture takes inspiration from the music of Brian Ferneyhough, Pierre Boulez, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Anton Webern, Thomas Adès, György Ligeti, Milton Babbitt and Arnold Schoenberg.