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for orchestra

Year:  2014   ·  Duration:  13m 30s
Instrumentation:  3*33*3*; 4331; timp., 3 perc; hp; strings | (Perc: Bass Drum, Susp. Cymbal, Tam-tam, Anvil, Claves, Guiro, Crotales, Glock., Tubular Bells, Bass Tubular Bell [E])

Year:  2014
Duration:  13m 30s
Instrumentation  3*33*3*; 4331; timp., 3 per...

Composer:   Sarah Ballard

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Peter Mechen reviews Sarah ...

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Sarah Ballard discusses 'Sy...

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Sarah Ballard: Synergos; video

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I – Alizarin
II – Aurum

“The effect of this colour is as peculiar as its nature. It conveys an impression of gravity and dignity, and at the same time of grace and attractiveness. The first in its dark deep state, the latter in its light attenuated tint, and thus the dignity of age and the amiableness of youth may adorn itself with degrees of the same hue.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe on the colour red, Theory of Colours (1810)

There is a transcendence that occurs in creating something that is one’s own - in the painting of brush strokes, in discovering the transformation of elements, and in the shaping of form. Seemingly free of the infiltrative catalogue of experience and knowledge housed in the subconscious mind. Oblivion. This piece is an exploration of my perception of the colours red (alizarin) and gold (aurum) and their synergistic effect when combined. Disparate natures of separate elements come together to synergise in the wake of alizarin-tainted shrieks and the palpable glint of gold. One can only behold these elements’ true combined effect after each has spoken. Each movement details the personality of each of the colours in their broadest senses, as I ‘hear’ them.

Commissioned note

Commissioned by the NZSO for the National Youth Orchestra