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Loop City

for narrators and violin

Year:  2013   ·  Duration:  46m
Instrumentation:  two narrators (although the number is flexible: 1–10 or more is possible); violin (with either loop pedal or backing track), doubling octave violin if possible.

Year:  2013
Duration:  46m
Instrumentation  two narrators (although the...

Composer:   Yvette Audain

Films, Audio & Samples

Yvette Audain: Loop City - ...

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Sample Audio

Sample: 0'00"-0'28" of 'Flinders Street>Smoke Dreams'

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Sample Audio

Sample: 0'00"-0'24" of 'City Life'

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Sample Audio

Sample: 0'37"-1'05" of 'Eureka'

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Sample Audio

Sample: 0'00"-0'35" of 'A City, A Tear'

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Sample Audio

Sample: 0'00"-0'32" of 'Floating Currency'

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Sample Score

Sample: pages 6, 25, 41, 51, 60, 63, 65, 67

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Loop City, whose text topics were entirely of the poets’ own choosing, was a timely, uncanny opportunity for a ‘transplanted’ Kiwi (myself) to debrief the utterly valuable, character-forming 2012 she spent in Melbourne.

The work, however, is easy to relate to for Melbournian natives, recent arrivals and short-term visitors alike; in fact for ANYONE, being that not every poem is Melbourne-specific and that some of the themes are universal.

Some poems can be performed as stand alone works, which can be accessed below.

Commissioned note

Commissioned by Sarah Curro.

Difficulty note

Contains sporadic examples of offensive language - unsuitable for those who are easily offended!

Dedication note

21. 'Floating Currency' – to Steven Wilson
26. 'The Distraction' – 'cherchez les hommes...'
28. 'A City, A Tear' – in loving memoriam L.M.H.

Contents note

31 poems in total, 27 of which have violin accompaniment:

1. Melbourne Slogans – 1
2. We & The Ghost
3. Translucent
4. The Bats Released
5. Young Lover
6. I, Melbourne
7. Botanicals
8. Flinders Street Station Lounge
9. Bourke Street
10. Flinders Street > Smoke Dreams
11. Department Store Shopper
11a. Shopping Away
12. Q.V. Lawn
13. Q.V. Maze
13a. Hoardings
14. The Red Rooms
15. Lull In The Hustle
16. Pokies & Black Jack
17. Boredom Rock
18. Culture Heart
19. The Magnetic Circus
20. City Loop
21. Floating Currency
22. In The Luna Park Looking Glass
23. Upward Outward Stop!
24. Eureka 89
25. Melbourne, Dorian Gray
26. The Distraction
27. City Life
28. A City, A Tear
29. Melbourne Slogans – 2

Text note

Text by Amanda Anastasi and Steve Smart.

Performance history

20 Jul 2013: Performed by Sarah Curro (violin); Amanda Anastasi and Steve Smart (narrators) at Hares and Hyenas bookshop, Fitzroy in Melbourne.

25 Aug 2013: Performed by Sarah Curro (violin); Amanda Anastasi and Steve Smart (narrators), at Veludo in St Kilda, Melbourne.

09 Nov 2013: Performed by Sarah Curro (violin); Amanda Anastasi and Steve Smart (narrators) at Deakin Edge, Melbourne.

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