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for solo piano

Year:  2010   ·  Duration:  12m 30s

Year:  2010
Duration:  12m 30s

Composer:   Robbie Ellis

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Sample Score

Sample: pages 4-7, 16-18

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Starting in a field close to Melbourne's Western Ring Road, a llama lives a placid and slightly bored existence. Absent-mindedly picking at a chain-link fence, a gap appears: the animal can fit itself through and escape its confines. After a few cautious steps, it lurches forward and runs in sudden jerks. Making its way down a grassy hillside, it reaches the freeway crash barrier. Occupants of moving vehicles begin to notice the animal: “there’s a llama!” After a few tries, it successfully vaults the crash barrier and makes it onto the road itself. Vehicles whizz by and drivers honk their horns, but the llama is enjoying its freedom too much to be affected by them. Reports begin to reach news services: we hear a radio news theme and the growing noise of the Twitterverse.

The din of chatter around Melbourne becomes overwhelming and little more than indistinguishable noise, so the llama retreats into its head and to its elated thoughts: “I’m free! I’m my own animal! This is my dream, I’m no longer bound by a chain-link fence! It’s a whole new world! There’s a smile on my face for the whole...”

SQUEAL!! Its reverie is interrupted by an SUV with an absent-minded yet aggressive driver: the vehicle has to brake extremely suddenly to avoid hitting the llama, and misses it only by inches. Police have arrived on the scene and have begun to divert traffic. The llama becomes outnumbered to a greater and greater degree: there’s one last chance for escape, one tricky path to freedom, one last high-stakes roll of the “OOH TASTY TASTY LLAMA TREAT ON THE GRASSY BANK!! I LIKE TASTY LL... oh damn.”

Thirty minutes later, in the same field close to the Western Ring Road, the llama is once again bored. Picking at the chain-link fence, there’s no chance of escape. The fence has been repaired, the gap closed, the llama’s life restored to its former boredom.

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Commissioned note

Commissioned by Buz Bryant-Greene with funding from Creative New Zealand.

Performance history

09 Dec 2012: Performed by Buz Bryant-Greene at St Andrew's on The Terrace, in Wellington.

10 Mar 2013: Performed by Buz Bryant-Greene at the Nelson School of Music, in Nelson.

18 May 2014: Buz Bryant-Greene | On Piano | Kaitaia

23 May 2014: Buz Bryant-Greene | On Piano | Blenheim

25 May 2014: Buz Bryant-Greene | On Piano | Cromwell

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