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Pasticcio espagnol

a song for voice and orchestra

Year:  2019   ·  Duration:  11m
Instrumentation:  2 2 2 2 / 4 2 3 1 / timp+2 / solo voice / str (perc: Triangle, Castanets, Tambourine, Snare Drum, Bass Drum)

Year:  2019
Duration:  11m
Instrumentation  2 2 2 2 / 4 2 3 1 / timp+2 ...

Composer:   Robbie Ellis

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Robbie Ellis: Pasticcio esp...

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I had the most fantastic opportunity: a full-length orchestral concert with me as the comedic lead. I had plenty of musical comedy material, but I lacked a solid closer to the first half. This song didn’t quite get there since it’s overly long for a comedy song and dog willing it’s the longest I’ll ever write. That said, I’d dearly love to perform it in the Auckland Town Hall since it contains the following elements:

  • a made-up story about my made-up great-great-great-grandfather settling in Auckland
  • the juxtaposition of stodgy Anglo-Saxon hymnody and Spanish orchestral stylings
  • a historically anachronistic reference to Auckland music shop Lewis Eady
  • a pun in the title
  • one true fact about spheroidal geography
  • a gratuitously large number of voiceless dental fricatives (the ‘th’ sound)
  • not one but two dance breaks, one with castanets
  • a personal rant about orchestral programming in the English-speaking world
  • throwing shade at some but not all composers named “Strauss”
  • bald-faced self-promotion because I’d quite like to do another musical comedy orchestra gig.

Text note

text by the composer