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Songs About Humans

for chamber ensemble

Year:  2002   ·  Duration:  55m 12s
Instrumentation:  clar, bass clar, sop. sax, ten. sax, drums, percussion, piano, acoustic and electric guitars, Farfisa organ, violins, cello, noise tracks

Year:  2002
Duration:  55m 12s
Instrumentation  clar, bass clar, sop. sax, ...

Samuel Gray

Composer:   Samuel Gray

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Samuel Gray: Songs About Hu...

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Recorded in Oslo, Norway and mastered in Vienna, Austria, the album Songs About Humans is like the poetic soundtrack underscoring an imaginary film about the trials and tremendousness of human existence.

A lone clarinet. A melancholy piano. A thunderous explosion of noise. An occasional smile. Lyrics observing the inequalities and despair of human existence; music exploring the seemingly paradoxical contemporaneity of war and beauty, murder and love.

Originally recorded in 2001-03, Songs About Humans was released in March 2012.


"Broodingly delicate, this album will leave you feeling slightly misplaced and even a little shell-shocked. If Salvador Dali were a modern-day composer, he'd probably sound something like this. Sam Gray is a pianist and composer by trade, but he rightfully breaks the all the rules in this original and uncanny album."

Contents note

1. Scratches
2. Bigotry
3. January, Puerto de la Cruz
4. Frostbitten
5. Dineen
6. Late March, Oslo
7. Diversity
8. Finale (Bigotry Cello Octet)

Text note

All lyrics copyright Samuel Gray

Performance history

Recorded in 2001-2003 by: Anita Kolloen - Bb clarinet and bass clarinet Theo Pastore - soprano and tenor sax Håvard Offer-Ohlsen - drumkit Karin Hellebostad Toft - cello Peter Englestad Myles Hanafin - violins Samuel Gray - piano, guitars, percussion, noise<br><br> Details of release: Raw Onion Records in Denmark, release 19 March 2012; Für Records in Austria, Germany and Switzerland, release 9 March 2012; Powertool Records in New Zealand, release 30 March 2012.

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