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for violin and orchestra

Year:  2007 Instrumentation:  solo violin + 2*222; 2200; 1 perc.; hp; strings | (Perc: glock., susp. cymbal)

Year:  2007
Instrumentation  solo violin + 2*222; 2200; ...

Composer:   Kenneth Young

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Kenneth Young: Baby Boomer ...

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Kenneth Young: Remembering ...

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The title Remembering refers to my thoughts with regard to that most perennial of questions, “Why are we here?” The work is a reflection of my ruminations and my belief in reincarnation.

I feel that we are born into this world perfect and God-like from a place of perfect love. As we grow and are moulded by our experiences and environment we gradually lose sight of ourselves; our true essence. We are influenced by the words and actions of others, especially when we seek truth. And yet, for me, the greatest reminder of what is true or false is the voice within. My soul knows conceptually of a higher state and yet it yearns to experience it. The closest I get is while listening to music.

Therefore, I believe we are not here to learn lessons but to remember and recreate who we truly are. In other words, to return to the Whole. To become, spiritually, that perfect being who first came into this imperfect world.

Now, being the relatively self absorbed musician that I am, I am not suffering from any illusion with regard to attaining such loftiness in this life-time. However, it is the flavour of the concept which moves and speaks to me and which has so influenced the music I have written.

– Ken Young, 2008

Commissioned note

Commissioned by the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra

Dedication note

Dedicated to Vesa-Matti Leppänen

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