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Fantasia: Wild Rhymes of Spring

for orchestra

Year:  1987   ·  Duration:  13m
Instrumentation:  2*222; 4231; timp., 2 perc.; strings | (Perc: 2 tri., glock., tub. bells, cymbals, susp. cymbal, cabasa, snare drum, tom-toms, maracas, bass drum)

Year:  1987
Duration:  13m
Instrumentation  2*222; 4231; timp., 2 perc....

John Elmsly

Composer:   John Elmsly


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In Spring 1987 I wrote the original version of this Fantasia for orchestra using as a starting point some of the rhythmic materials from part of my Cello Symphony. A solitary tui call (using pitches I've never since heard from this inventive bird) had provided some of the initial inspiration; here this is heard about nine minutes into the piece in parallel woodwind chords together with tubular bells with many anticipations and echoes throughout. The repeated E characteristic of the ritornelli could also be related to frequent tui calls, though used in a free and energetic manner far removed from the usual character of the bird. The 'rhymes' of the title refers to the constant similarities in the sonic echoes throughout the piece: constant change but with many recurring figures. The recent revisions have been mainly corrections and minor additions and alterations carried out in the process of typesetting.

– John Elmsly

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