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for piano trio

Year:  2000   ·  Duration:  13m
Instrumentation:  piano, violin, cello

Year:  2000
Duration:  13m
Instrumentation  piano, violin, cello

Victoria Kelly

Composer:   Victoria Kelly

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The idea for this piece began with the Portuguese word "sono" which describes the felling of wanting to go to sleep - but in a mental rather than a physical way. In the case of this piece, the desire for sleep is inspired by wanting to rejoin a dream - and in my experience, it is always impossible to do this once having woken up.

The trio begins with an impassioned even which soon disappears, leaving the piano alone to dream about it - and you will hear a repeating note emerge which sits throughout the music, representing the real world lingering in the background. Around this note, the dream wander, in chords and gestures on the piano, and in deep breaths and ascending melodies on the strings, which never quite seem to arrive at thier destination.

Victoria Kelly Notes taken from The NZTrio - Spark, Morrison Music Trust MMT2066

Commissioned note

Commissioned by the Turnovsky Trio

Performance history

17 Mar 2000: Performed by the Turnovsky Trio; St Andrew's on The Terrace in Wellington

03 Aug 2008: Prodigal Songs

24 Nov 2009: Radio NZ Concert: NZTrio
Featuring: Radio New Zealand Concert

16 Jan 2010: NZTrio in Queenstown

01 May 2011: NZTrio Kiwi Sampler

17 Mar 2012: Dreamscapes - NZTrio

17 Apr 2012: New Zealand in L.A.

27 May 2012: NZ Music Month: Woven Strands - NZTrio

25 Sep 2018: NZTrio | Braid

Performed by the Turnovsky Trio

Performed by the NZTrio

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