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Summer Music

for violin, cello and piano

Year:  2001

Year:  2001

Composer:   Martin Lodge

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Martin Lodge: Summer Music ...

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Martin Lodge: Summer Music ...

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Summer Music was commissioned by the Ogen Trio for their concert which launched the Rotorua Summer Music Festival in 2000. Reflecting on the place and its ambience provided a musical starting point for writing the piece. Environmental sounds such as repetitive insect noises, the forcefulness of geothermal activity and the contrasting stillness of Lake Rotorua form a counterbalance to the chatter and indulgences of tourists in party mood.

Such literal thoughts lead to the creation of an imaginary musical landscape of a summer evening. In Summer Music many different sounds and movements coalesce; conversations erupt then die down or are interrupted; the natural; the man-made and the imaginary intersect imperceptibly. Musically strict argument can give away to patches of stillness of lyricism. All things seem possible here.

Notes taken from Ahi - the Ogen Trio, Atoll CD ACD108

Commissioned note

Commissioned by the Ogen Trio and premiered at the Rotorua Millennium Chamber Music Festival in January 2002

Performance history

12 Jan 2002: Performed by Ogen Trio; Civic Theatre, opening concert of the Millennium Chamber Festival 2002, Rotorua

24 Feb 2009: Contemporary Visions 17

09 Nov 2022: Performed by the New Zealand Chamber Soloists at Martin Lodge: A Celebration of his Music and Life, Gallagher Academy of Performing Arts

Performed by the Ogen Trio - Katherine Austin, Dimitri Atanassov, and James Tennant

Recorded by the New Zealand Chamber Soloists (Lara Hall - violin, Katherine Austin - piano, James Tennant - cello) at the Gallagher Concert Chamber, Waikato University, November 2011.

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