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Puoro Ki Te Ao
Oronuku nā Reti Hedley

Oronuku nā Reti Hedley

In ‘Oronuku’, we are called to recognise and celebrate the deep, spiritual relationships that shape our world. We are offered a moment of reflection and connection to the ancient wisdom and mauri (life force) that flow through our lives. We are encouraged to feel the interconnectedness of nature and the divine, and to experience groundedness in the nurturing essence of Papatūānuku. 

Inspired by the bond between his mother and her muse Hineraukatauri, taonga puoro artist Reti Hedley composed ‘Oronuku’ in homage to a heritage and devotion that has been passed down through generations. It is a continuation of a legacy and a tool for realignment and reconnection, delving into the ancestral and spiritual connections that bind Hineraukatauri and her whānau.

‘Oronuku’ features a variety of taonga puoro, each chosen by Reti to represent different relationships and elements of the taiao (natural world). Throughout the piece we hear a blend of percussive and melodic elements, beginning with the pūtōrino played with a percussive blow, reflecting the ancient rhythmic patterns associated with Tānerore. As the composition unfolds, the pūtōrino transitions to more melodic expressions, showcasing the multifaceted nature of the voice of Hineraukatauri.

For rangatahi, ‘Oronuku’ is a powerful reminder of their roots and the sustaining presence of Papatūānuku. Growing up in a digital age, it’s easy to feel disconnected from the physical world and out of touch with the grounding forces of nature. ‘Oronuku’ encourages rangatahi to dig their toes into the whenua, embrace their whakapapa and find solace in the enduring presence of Papatūānuku. It offers a grounding experience through which they can navigate the complexities of the modern world with a strong sense of identity and purpose.

E mihi kau ana ki te tira tautoko i te kaupapa Puoro ki te Ao 

Kaitito, Kaipuoro: Reti Hedley

Te Tira Hanga Hōtaka Māori 

Kaihautū Matua: Diana Marsh, Claire Szabó
Kaihautū Puoro Māori,Hanga Hōtaka Māori: Toni Huata
Kairuruku Hanga Hōtaka Māori: Kirsten Te Rito
Kaitohutohu Hanga Hōtaka Māori: Roger Smith
Kaiwhakahaere Whakatairanga: Leoné Venter
Kaiāwhina Hanga Hōtaka : Jonathan Engle, Sarah Ballard, Isobelle Walker, Yeonhee Lee, Grace Newman, Aisyah Dzulkiflee

He mihi nui ki te tira tautoko 

Kaihanga Kiriata: The Renegade Peach Project – Mark Russell (Director, DOP, Editor) and Iraia Whakamoe, Arlo Edwards (Camera Operators)
Pakiwaituhi: The Makers Initiative – Owen Watts
Taupuni Hopuoro: Matrix Digital – Phill Adams, Simon Blackwell (Sound Engineers)
Kaiwhakatauira Whakanikoniko: IDIA – Johnson Witehira, Kimiora Whaanga (Graphic Designers)
Kaimanaaki, Kaitautoko: James Illingworth, Tracey Mackay
Ringa Whakapai Āhua: Michelle Trigger
Kaikarakia, Kaitautoko: Adrian Tangaroa Wagner

Ngā kupu: 
Elizabeth Gray

Ngā Takiwā: Ōtari Bush, Wellington South Coast, Breaker Bay, Matrix Studios, Aotea Night Sky. 

Taonga Puoro: Pūtōrino, Ponga Ihu Uku, Ponga Ihu Hue, Tumu, Rākau, Kōauau, Toroa Kōauau, Poiāwhiowhio, Kuu or (Kū), Toka, Hue Puruhau

He mihi nui ki te Manatū Taonga, nā rātou te pūtea tautoko 
This film is supported by funding from Manatū Taonga | The Ministry for Culture and Heritage.

© Copyright Centre for New Zealand Music Trust