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Puoro Ki Te Ao
Kia Rongo Mai nā Horomona Horo

Kia Rongo Mai nā Horomona Horo

In ‘Kia Rongo Mai’, taonga puoro artist Horomona Horo invites us to reflect on simplicity, chaos, and the intrinsic power of listening to one's inner voice. Inspired by a reflective journey through states of meditation, the composition emphasises the importance of listening—both internally and to the world around us. It is a call to mindfulness, urging us to attune our senses to the subtle symphony of life.

The inspiration for ‘Kia Rongo Mai’ emerged during a period of intense creative activity for Horomona. Amidst his various projects, he found himself drawn to the beauty of simplicity within complexity in a waiata from ‘Te Kū Te Whē’, the classic album created by his mentors Hirini Melbourne and Richard Nunns. This reflection guided him to slow down, listen, and allow the taonga puoro to speak.

‘Kia Rongo Mai’ begins with the softest breath into the pūmotomoto, creating an unexpectedly rich and chaotic sound. This initial breath symbolises the complexity that can arise from simplicity, akin to the tumultuous currents beneath the serene surface of a pond. Throughout the piece, the sounds of taonga puoro interweave with karakia, combining to create a meditative and reflective soundscape that encourages us to pause, breathe and contemplate our personal journeys amidst life's chaos. 

 ‘Kia Rongo Mai’ is a reminder that we are enough. Our voices matter, and in moments of stillness we can find clarity and strength. It is an open invitation to reflect on our personal journey, to recognise the hidden chaos and beauty within, and to appreciate the power of simplicity in a complex world.

 E mihi kau ana ki te tira tautoko i te kaupapa Puoro ki te Ao 

Kaitito, Kaipuoro: Horomona Horo 
Te Tira Hanga Hōtaka Māori 
Kaihautū Matua: Diana Marsh, Claire Szabó
Kaihautū Puoro Māori, Hanga Hōtaka Māori: Toni Huata
Kairuruku Hanga Hōtaka Māori: Kirsten Te Rito
Kaitohutohu Hanga Hōtaka Māori: Roger Smith
Kaiwhakahaere Whakatairanga: Leoné Venter
Kaiāwhina Hanga Hōtaka : Jonathan Engle, Sarah Ballard, Isobelle Walker, Yeonhee Lee, Grace Newman, Aisyah Dzulkiflee

He mihi nui ki te tira tautoko 
Kaihanga Kiriata: The Renegade Peach Project – Mark Russell (Director, DOP, Editor) and Iraia Whakamoe, Arlo Edwards (Camera Operators)
Pakiwaituhi: The Makers Initiative – Owen Watts
Taupuni Hopuoro: Matrix Digital – Phill Adams, Simon Blackwell (Sound Engineers),  
Dr Jeremy Mayall (Sound Engineer)
Kaiwhakatauira Whakanikoniko: IDIA – Johnson Witehira, Kimiora Whaanga (Graphic Designers)
Kaimanaaki, Kaitautoko: James Illingworth, Tracey Mackay
Ringa Whakapai Āhua: Michelle Trigger
Kaikarakia, Kaitautoko: Adrian Tangaroa Wagner

Ngā Takiwā: Foxton Beach, Whitirea, Matrix Studios, Aotea Night Sky

Taonga Puoro:  Pūmotomoto Hue Puruhau, Pūtōrino, Porotiti,  Pākuru

He mihi nui ki te Manatū Taonga, nā rātou te pūtea tautoko 

This film is supported by funding from Manatū Taonga | The Ministry for Culture and Heritage.

© Copyright Centre for New Zealand Music Trust