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Repertoire ideas for string players


Repertoire list


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These lists contain a selection of NZ works for string players available from SOUNZ.  Most of these works are suitable for advanced players, however there is a list at the bottom of the page for earlier levels.  There are still many more works on our full catalogue, including works for mixed chamber groups.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have, or if you need any help navigating our online catalogue! 

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Douglas Lilburn: Sonata in E Flat for violin and piano
Douglas Lilburn: Sonata 1950 for violin and piano
Larry Pruden: Flight of the Albatross for violin and piano
Anthony Watson: Concert Piece for violin and piano
Chris Adams: Release for violin and piano
Anthony Ritchie: Mediation for violin and piano
Stephan Prock: Stradivariazioni for violin and piano
Philip Brownlee: Water Sketch with Tui for violin and piano
Robbie Ellis: Sonatina for violin and piano

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John Rimmer: Mahurangi for solo viola
Matthew Davidson: Magyar Rondo for solo viola
Anthony Watson: Sonata for solo viola
Martin Lodge: Pacific Rock for solo viola
Anthony Ritchie: Viola Sonata for viola and piano
Gareth Farr: Meditation for viola and piano
Nigel Keay: Viola Concerto (piano reduction available) 
Leonie Holmes: Recitative II for viola and percussion
Gillian Whitehead: Ascot Suite for solo viola

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Anthony Ritchie: Dedication for solo cello
Eve de Castro-Robinson: Commemoration for solo cello
Jeroen Speak: Tarantelle for solo cello
Philip Brownlee: Sinew / Synapse for solo cello
Chris Cree Brown: Doldrums for solo amplified cello
Gillian Whitehead: The Journey of Matuku Moana for solo cello
Lyell Cresswell: Atta for solo cello
Dylan Lardelli: Eidolon for solo cello
Christopher Norton: Sonatina for cello and piano
Michael Norris: Phospheni for cello and piano

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Double Bass

David Farquhar: Three Pieces for solo double bass
Jeroen Speak: Quatro Stati d’Essere Immaginari for solo double bass
John Rimmer: Composition 10 for double bass and electronic sounds
Thomas Goss: Concerto for double bass and string orchestra (piano reduction available) 

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David Farquhar: Equali for two violins
Douglas Lilburn: Duos for two violins
Douglas Lilburn: Three Canzonettas for violin and viola
Ross Harris: Duo for violin and cello
Eve de Castro-Robinson: Tumbling Strains for violin and cello

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Douglas Lilburn: String Trio
Larry Pruden: String Trio
Ross Harris: Klezmer Trio
Bruce Crossman: Fierce Tranquility
Anthony Ritchie: Spring String Trio  

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Douglas Lilburn: String Quartet in E minor
John Ritchie: String Quartet
Gillian Whitehead: Moon, Tides & Shoreline  
Gillian Whitehead: Clouds Over Mata-au
John Psathas: Abhisheka
John Psathas: Kartsigar
Michael Norris: Exitus
Chris Gendall: Suite for String Quartet 
Chris Watson: sundry good 
John Elmsly: String Quartet   
Philip Brownlee: Written on the Wind, and Running Water
Alex Taylor: refrain  
Ross Harris’ String Quartets feature

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String Orchestra or Ensemble

Ronald Tremain: Five Epigrams for Twelve Solo Strings
David Farquhar: Epithalamion Overture for string orchestra
David Farquhar: Ring Round the Moon - A Waltz Suite for string orchestra
John Ritchie: Aquarius: Suite No. 2 for string orchestra
Christopher Blake: Angel at Ahipara for string orchestra
Alex Taylor: silk / gravel for string orchestra
Ross Harris: Aria for solo viola and strings

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Easier Repertoire

John Ritchie: Three Pieces for Polly for violin and piano
Eric Biddington: Sonatina for violin and piano
Eric Biddington: Autumn Music for viola and piano
Eric Biddington: Three Pieces for cello and piano
Claire Scholes: Knees Up Mambo for solo violin (or solo cello) and string ensemble
Eric Biddington: A Little Scherzo for double bass and piano



Chris Prosser's Accordatura series:
Study of Additive Rhythm Cycles
Birds Reply to Bartok

Chris Prosser's Scordatura series:
Six Meditations

Tabea Squire: Contemporary Duets


Michael Hill Violin Competition Commissions

Since its inauguration in 2001, the Michael Hill International Violin Competition has commissioned a new solo work by an established New Zealand composer for all competitors to perform.  All of these works, from 2001-2019, are available from SOUNZ:
2001 - Gillian Whitehead: Bright Silence
2003 - John Rimmer: The Dance of the Sibyl
2005 - David Farquhar: earth, air, water...
2007 - Ross Harris: Fanitullen (the devil’s song)
2009 - Gareth Farr: Wakatipu
2011 - John Psathas: Gyftiko (yiftiko)
2015 - Kenneth Young: Gone
2017 - Karlo Margetic: On an Imaginary Folk Song
2019 - Lyell Cresswell: Chatoyance


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