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Michael Houstoun | Inland - CD/DVD


Michael Houstoun | Inland - CD/DVD

Audio/visual Publication year: 2007

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This album has been remastered and is now reissued in a special edition hard-cover pack with an accompanying DVD. Michael Houstoun: New Zealand Pianist is a detailed and illuminating document of Michael recording and discussing the music on Inland. Directed by Keith Hill for Attar Productions.

A household name in New Zealand for over 35 years, Michael Houstoun is especially visible currently as an Arts Foundation Laureate. Featuring evocative, imaginative and accessible repertoire that spans a range of styles, Inland reaches out beyond Michael Houstoun’s historic concert hall audience.

While much of his reputation has been built on traditional piano repertoire, more recently Michael has increasingly performed new New Zealand music – here, notably by John Psathas, Gao Ping, Ken Young, Victoria Kelly and Mike Nock. Michael initiated Inland as a project specifically focusing on contemporary New Zealand solo piano music, and that direction forms the basis of this excellent double CD. His commitment to the best New Zealand art-music repertoire sees our paths increasingly intertwined. Michael’s first outing with Rattle was on John Psathas’ debut Rhythm Spike, and he featured extensively on John’s massively popular View From Olympus.

Track listing:

Douglas Lilburn:
1. Chaconne 22:04
Kenneth Young:
2. Questions 05:20
3. Dancing Alone 04:07
4. Remnants 05:05
5. A Time and Place There Was 04:04
6. Catharsis 08:14
Gao Ping:
7. Dance Fury 07:24
Victoria Kelly:
8. Landscape Prelude, Goodnight Kiwi 04:06
John Psathas:
9. JettaturaPresence 04:49
Mike Nock:
10. Presence 05:05
11. After Bach 02:29
12. Ringstone Round 03:57
13. In the Time of Sakura 04:12
14. Red Descending 01:45
15. Sho's Cradle Song 01:21
16. Promise 01:25
17. Cartwheels 02:57
18. Beautiful Your Eyes 02:49
19. Green Cycle 02:09
20. Raff Riff 03:24
21. Serenity 02:52


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