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Henry Wong Doe | Perspectives — CD


Henry Wong Doe | Perspectives — CD

Audio/visual Publication year: 2023

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An album of recent commissions for solo piano featuring works by Gemma Peacocke, Leila Adu-Gilmore, Alex Taylor, Poulima Salima, Leonie Holmes, and Penelope Axtens.

“This album celebrates the artistry of six New Zealand composers. The recent pandemic presented significant challenges to musical artists, causing many to reflect on their values and identify what is most important to them. As we come to appreciate the importance of interpersonal connection, music becomes increasingly important as a way to bring people together and express our shared humanity.

In 2022, I invited each composer to write a work illustrating their perspective on recent times, and it has been wonderful to discover their unique voices and sensibilities through music.” — Henry Wong Doe

Track listing:

  1. Redshift I. the trillion trillion trillion lovely others sail outward
  2. Redshift II. I have walked this far without you
  3. Redshift III. in exact proportion to this moment 05:48
  4. Home (for piano and electronics)
  5. Obtuse Strategies I. Satie, a Ladder (keep going up)
  6. Obtuse Strategies II. Compartments (box yourself in)
  7. Obtuse Strategies III. Meander
  8. Obtuse Strategies IV. Recapitulations (do it again, but try harder)
  9. Obtuse Strategies V. Memory Palace
  10. Lo’u Molimau (My Testimony)
  11. Time Rustling (for piano and fixed media electronics)
  12. Emic I. Why?
  13. Emic II. Lost
  14. Emic III. Monotony
  15. Emic IV. Anxiety
  16. Emic V. Unravelling
  17. Emic VI. Sad Joys