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Graded Chamber Music for Strings and Piano


Repertoire list


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Graded by experienced teachers, the following list of works provides an annotated guide when searching for repertoire, especially for the NZCT Chamber Music Contest. Most of these works have score and audio samples available online, just click on the title to see details. All are available for purchase from SOUNZ.

Please do not hesitate to contact SOUNZ with any enquiries.

Graded repertoire lists for other instrumentations are available at these pages:
String and Piano Chamber Music
Piano Ensemble (6-8 hands)



Adams: Prelude and Fugue for Two Violins and Cello
Grade 7-8
Changing metre in fugue. 7 mins.
Bray: Rena
for string trio
Grade 7-8
One movement. Some complex rhythms in all parts. 5'30'' mins.

Harris: Klezmer Trio
for viola, cello and double bass

Grade 7-8
One movement. Variety of tempo changes. Klezmer Style. Cello uses tenor clef. 6 mins
Davidson: Music for String Trio
Grade 8+
Six movements. This work combines musical cultures over the past 1000 years. Though the movements are relatively short they demand a good understanding of complex rhythms. 17 mins.
Lilburn: String Trio
Grade 8+
1. Allegro non troppo, 2. Allegretto, 3. Allegro. Shared interest among all parts.
Pruden: String Trio
Grade 8+
1. Overture - allegro energico, 2. Serenade - poco lento, 3. Scherzo - vivace, 4. Epilogue - lento tranquillo. High playing at times. Changes of metre. Attacca into Epilogue.
Ritchie, A: Spring String Trio
Grade 8Begins adagio, tempo doubles halfway through. Fun rhythms but not too complex.

Adams: The Arianna Suite
for four violins

Grade 5-6
Metre changes. Uses first to third position. 5 mins.
Biddington: Two Pieces for Four Violins
1. Glass Boats
2. Scherzo
Grade 5-6
1. Adagio espressivo: sustained bowing. 2. Fast, rhythmic with energy: spiccato. Large dynamic range to explore.
McLeod: Airs for the Winged Isle - A Little Skye Suite
Nine airs for string quartet
Grade 5-6
Nine short airs with a variety of moods and tempi. Folk-like with much ornamentation.
Statham: Elena's Waltz
for string quartet
Grade 5-6One movement. Slow. Suitable for first time chamber music players. 3 mins.
Statham: Happy Days
for string quartet
Grade 5-6One movement. Allegro. Use of syncopated rhythms and tremolo. 4'30'' mins.
Statham: "Ina" and original Scottish Air
for string quartet
Grade 5-6One movement. Moderato. Double-dotted rhythms. 3'30'' mins.
Statham: Pastorale
for string quartet
Grade 5-6One movement. Andante. Changes of key. 6'45'' mins.
Statham: Romance No. 1
for string quartet
Grade 5-6One movement. Moderato. Key and tempo changes. Use of tremolo in all parts. 5'45'' mins.
Statham: Such Sweet Sorrow
for string quartet
Grade 5-6One movement. Very slow. Key and tempo changes. 4'30'' mins.
Ellis: Fragments of Noir
for string quartet
Grade 7-8One Movement. Long lines. Some high playing in all parts. Large range of dynamics. 7 mins.
Hunt: Data Entry Groove
for string quartet
Grade 7-8
One movement. Laid back funk, straight 8ths. Some intricate rhythms. Programmatic. Requiring some extended techniques such as percussive sounds. Some optional theatrical elements. Viola goes into treble clef in places. 3 mins.
Piper: Dance of the Sidhe
for string quartet
Grade 7-8
1. Furioso, 2. Largo con molto rubato, 3. Presto. Metre changes. Extended techniques such as clapping, tapping body of instrument.
Ritchie, A: Transylvanian Dances
for string quartet
Grade 7-8
Tempo and metre changes throughout work. Folk idiom involving some complex rhythms. Some high writing in 2nd violin part. 6'30'' mins.
Taylor: Four Landscapes
for string quartet
Grade 7-8
1. Still, 2. Writhing, relentless, 3. Suspended, 4. Austere. Mature playing required to create necessary atmosphere. Use of harmonics in all parts. Clear performance markings. 11 mins.
Crehan: After the Crank Rush
for string quartet
Grade 8+
One movement. Presto, marcato. Intense, high energy playing required.
Hextall: Cyclic Currents
for string quartet
Grade 8+One movement. Bold, with energy. Mixed metre, intricate rhythms.
Lilburn: String Quartet
Grade 8+1. Andante, 2. Allegretto, 3. Allegro. Technically accessible. Requires a mature approach. 19 mins.
Palmer: Egg and Tongue
for string quartet
Grade 8+One movement. Fast opening section, second half relatively slower. Intricate rhythmic patterns throughout. Double stopping in all parts.
Rimmer: Refrains, Cadenzas and Interludes
for string quartet
Grade 8+One movement. 4 refrains, 3 cadenzas, 3 interludes, varying tempi. Technically demanding for all players. Each part has great rhythmic and melodic challenges. 12 mins.
Rimmer: String Quartet No. 3
Grade 8+
1. Andante espressivo, 2. Allegro, 3. Andante expressivo. An atmospheric work. Large range of colours and dynamics required. Demands a mature approach.
Squire: Jet-lag
for string quartet
Grade 8+
Con brio. Intricate rhythms. Extended techniques well described in score. 4 mins.
Utting: String Quartet
Grade 8One movement. Adagio, allegro adagio. Not too technically demanding for this level. Score clearly outlines direction composer wishes to take.
Ritchie, A: Theme and Variations for six cellos
Grade 7-8
One movement. Slow and stately with gradual increase in tempo. First 3 parts have higher playing. Shared interest among all 6 parts.