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Inspiring Journeys Through Music
with Ria Hall

Inspiring Journeys Through Music with Ria Hall

 Ria Hall is an icon of strength and creativity. Her resonant, soulful voice transcends the stage, echoing the power of her heritage and unique musical journey. With her roots firmly planted in her identity as a wahine Māori, her story is one of passion, resilience, collaboration and the balancing act of art and motherhood. In this episode of ‘Inspiring Journeys Through Music,’ Ria takes us on a journey of authenticity, cultural heritage and the power of music to unite people.

Ria shares memories of her upbringing around her marae in Maungatapu, Tauranga. Raised by her father and nurtured by her aunties, her curiosity for music and singing began at a young age. Reflecting on her journey, Ria reveals how her connection to her whānau and whenua has shaped her music and values throughout her career.

Humble and grounded despite her fame, Ria emphasises the importance of staying connected to your roots and maintaining authenticity in your music. She describes how she embraces both te reo Māori and English in her compositions — always leading back to a theme of kotahitanga.

"The common cause, always, for me, is kotahitanga. The common cause is always unity, unifying people — not just Māori, but our treaty partners as well, because we are obligated to each other through Te Tiriti o Waitangi. And so, no matter what I do, that's always at the back of my mind because it's at the forefront of my ngākau. And that's always driven me as a woman, as a māmā, as a human being here in Aotearoa. It's always at the forefront of my thoughts when I'm creating any kind of work.”

Along the way, Ria also shares practical advice for singers, stressing the importance of caring for one's voice.

“Like you protect your mauri and you protect your wairua, you protect your family, you have to protect your voice as well. Because if that's the way that people connect to you, if that's the way that you bring people in, or if that's the way that you can unite people, then you want to make sure that that's intact at all times.”

Join host Alana Broughton on this incredible journey with Ria Hall, whose voice inspires and unites audiences, emerging as a beacon of authenticity, resilience and the enduring spirit of Aotearoa.

E mihi kau ana ki te tira tautoko i te kaupapa Puoro ki te Ao

Kaiuiui: Alana Te Piki Broughton
Kaitito, Kaipuoro: Ria Hall

Te Tira Hanga Hōtaka Māori
Kaihautū Matua: Diana Marsh, Claire Szabó
Kaihautū Puoro Māori, Hanga Hōtaka Māori: Toni Huata
Kairuruku Hanga Hōtaka Māori: Kirsten Te Rito
Kaitohutohu Hanga Hōtaka Māori: Roger Smith
Kaiwhakahaere Whakatairanga: Leoné Venter
Kaiāwhina Hanga Hōtaka: Jonathan Engle, Sarah Ballard, Isobelle Walker, Yeonhee Lee, Grace Newman, Aisyah Dzulkiflee

He mihi nui ki te tira tautoko
Kaihanga Kiriata: The Renegade Peach Project - Mark Russell (Director, DOP, Editor) Arlo Edwards, Josiah Nevell (Camera Operators) and Tyler Andrews (Camera Assist)
Taupuni Hopuoro: Matrix Digital – Phill Adams, Simon Blackwell (Sound Engineers), 
Kaiwhakatauira Whakanikoniko: IDIA – Johnson Witehira, Kimiora Whaanga (Graphic Designers)
Kaimanaaki, Kaitautoko: James Illingworth, Tracey Mackay
Ringa Whakapai Āhua: Michele Perry, Natalee Fisher
Kaikarakia, Kaitautoko: Adrian Tangaroa Wagner

He mihi nui ki te Manatū Taonga, nā rātou te pūtea tautoko

This film is supported by funding from Manatū Taonga | The Ministry for Culture and Heritage.

© Copyright Centre for New Zealand Music Trust