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Puoro Ki Te Ao
Solace and wonder through taonga puoro and nature

SOUNZ Centre for New Zealand Music proudly presents the release of the first of three series from Hōtaka Māori: Puoro Ki Te Ao, three ataahua pieces featuring taonga puoro artists Reti Hedley, Horomona Horo and Komako Silver.

Harmoniously blending ancient, healing sounds of taonga puoro with the tranquil essence of nature, Puoro Ki Te Ao celebrates sound and spirit with three meditative soundscapes composed and performed by esteemed taonga puoro artists, set against immersive landscapes of te taiao, our natural environment.


  • Reti Hedley: Inspired by Hineraukatauri, Oronuku intertwines percussive rhythms and the voices of the pūtōrino to evoke deep connections
  • Horomona Horo: Reflecting on states of meditation, Kia Rongo Mai shows how we can listen to and respond to our environments, blending voice and karakia with taonga puoro
  • Komako Silver: Oro Mauri o Puu-te-hue draws inspiration from Hinepūtēhue, offering a contemporary embodiment to bring peace amidst chaos.

Crafted with rangatahi youth as a special focus, Puoro Ki Te Ao will resonate in a range of educational settings, from kōhanga reo to tertiary institutions, to foster a deeper understanding with the musicality and knowledge of taonga puoro, as well as being an inspiration for tauira students.

Additionally, for supporting meditation practices, the essence and power of Puoro Ki Te Ao can bring tranquillity through a connection with these ancient traditional sounds. Quieting the mind with the spiritual ceremony, the breath of connection, and a healing calm - these auditory journeys can be considered rongoā Māori, to uplift wairua, our spirits, and reduce stress in tinana, our bodies, enhancing harmony to the energies within.

SOUNZ Director of Māori Music, Toni Huata, says, “Taonga puoro is sounds of our natural world; sounds of our inner thoughts, feelings, emotions and creativity; sounds of our spirit, whakapapa and ancestors; stories from our Ātua Māori which are so relevant today."

“I have always found a sense of peace, calm and a call to my true purpose and identity when I experience taonga puoro. It is an aural and visual delight that takes us on a journey of oneness with all the above.

“With the debut of Puoro Ki Te Ao, we are honoured and delighted to support Horomona Horo, Komako Silver and Reti Hedley. The depth of thought into their compositions for our kaupapa of sound frequency healing for our rangatahi and all, are stunning. Alongside the creativity of the films by Mark Russell and his Renegade Peach Project team and sound capture, mix and master by Matrix Digital,” says Toni.

SOUNZ Interim Chief Executive, Claire Szabó, says, "The benefits of capturing our artists and their creations help us, as a nation, to define ourselves, it nourishes us, and holds a record to who we are. Producing Hōtaka Māori is an honour for SOUNZ to showcase talented practitioners from across the motu - the music, the stories, and the wisdom that springs from iwi Māori. Support of such initiatives will bring meaningful rewards, particularly as we seek to inspire our future generations, and we acknowledge the valuable backing of Manatū Taonga who proudly champion this kaupapa.”

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Hōtaka Māori is supported by Manatū Taonga Ministry for Culture and Heritage through the Cultural Regeneration Fund.