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May 29, 2011 6:00PM • Auditorium

NZTrio Kiwi Sampler 2


NZTrio's Kiwi Sampler 2 rounds out the group's celebration of NZ Music Month, to be held in the Auckland Museum's stunning Maori Court. Joined by the APO's Miranda Adams and Robert Ashworth, this concert once again shines the spotlight on some of New Zealand's leading composers.

Michael Norris’ dirty pixels, the trio’s first ever commission, kicks off the programme with intense rhythmic energy; Maria Grenfell’s Feather of Blue, inspired by the imagery of a Kevin Ireland Poem, evokes rain pouring down a window pane giving way to sunshine; Samuel Holloway’s Stapes will present a totally unique sound world; Victoria Kelly's string quartet Songs without Words is a set of exquisitely beautiful and moving songs in response to the birth of her daughter Sasha; Ross Harris’ Senryu is a quirky romp, structured as if a Japanese poetic form of haiku; Gao Ping’s Four Sketches depict snapshots of memories from China; A movement of John Psathas' Piano Quintet will conclude this thrilling feast of NZ music.

Michael Norris - dirty pixels Maria Grenfell - Feather of Blue Samuel Holloway - Stapes Victoria Kelly - Songs without Words (string quartet) Ross Harris - Senryu Gao Ping - Four Sketches John Psathas - Piano Quintet

Concert length approximately 75 minutes

Start time

May 29, 2011 6:00PM


Maori Court


Tickets: $30 single "Click HERE to book online via the Museum Website": or call the Museum bookings line on 09 306 7048