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Seth Haapu

Composer, Māori Composer, Performer


Te Atihaunui-ā-Pāpārangi, Tahitian

Seth Haapu is a modern-classic image of South Pacific identity who writes, produces, and sings. Yet, he has hardly pursued his solo career with force - for the last five years, Seth has worked quietly behind the scenes, writing and producing music for the likes of Stan Walker, Sons of Zion and Maisey Rika. As a collaborator, he produces under the name Kēhua, translated as '(ghost)' writer in te reo Māori.

In 2016 Seth released Volume I (his second EP followed in 2017). Both works were an exercise in catharsis, revealing discoveries around his Polynesian heritage. Haapu, meaning 'refuge', is a village originally built over water on the island of Huahine, Tahiti, the home of his bloodlines before their passage to New Zealand. Despite minimal exposure, both volumes reached #1 on iTunes NZ's Singer-songwriter chart, with nominations for APRA’s Silver Scroll Award, worldwide performance invitations and support slots for James Blunt and John Legend.

Today, Seth combines origins from New Zealand and Tahiti and delivers an experience in and around water like the islands he comes from. His recent offerings, Volume III, fulfills a journey of love (Volume I), loss (Volume II) and new beginnings (Volume III). Lead single New Wave and its te reo Maori version,Ngaru Hōu, are about embracing new things. Seth was awarded ‘Kaitito Waiata Māori Autaia' (Best Māori Songwriter) for New Wave at the 11th annual Waiata Māori Music Awards. In 2023 Haapu released his album Whai Ora a collection of 10 tracks that resonate with te reo, soulful melodies and taonga puoro (traditional instruments) fusion.

Composed (41)

10 Years

Pop, 3m 11s

All for You

Pop, 3m 2s

All In

Pop, 3m 33s


Pop, 3m 6s


Pop, 2m 51s


Pop, 3m 24s

By My Side

English, Soul, 2m 32s

Cool Down

Pop, 2m 37s


Pop, 2m 54s

Final Destination

Pop, 2m 58s


Pop, 2m 53s

Hine ki te Ao Mārama

Te Reo Māori, Soul, 2m 59s

Hurly Burly

Pop, 1m 34s

Keeping Count

Pop, 4m 18s

Kei hea te Putanga?

Te Reo Māori, Soul, Acoustic, 2m 58s


Pop, 3m 55s

Natural High

Soul, 2m 52s

New Wave

Pop, 2m 50s

Ngaru Hōu

Pop, 2m 52s

Night Sky

Soul, 2m 46s

Owe You Nothing

Pop, 2m 40s

Pillows and Sheets

Pop, 3m 24s


Pop, 2m 59s

Return To Paradise

Soul, 3m 58s


Te Reo Maori, English, Soul, 3m 6s


Pop, 3m 11s

Silent Commotion

Pop, 3m 12s


Pop, 2m 27s

Sunday Best

Pop, 3m 4s

Talk Talk Talk

Pop, 3m 3s



Trashing My Heart

Pop, 3m 17s


Soul, 2m 40s

Tropical (Interlude)

Instrumental, 31s

Waiho I te Toipoto

Te Reo Maori, Soul, 2m 16s

Watching Over Me

Pop, 3m 2s

Whai Ora

Te Reo Māori, English, Soul, 3m 43s


Te Reo Māori, Pop, 3m 4s