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Graded Chamber Music for Strings and Piano


Repertoire list


To borrow or hire parts please email SOUNZ directly at Please note that only library members in New Zealand and Australia can borrow or hire parts.


Graded by experienced teachers, the following list of works provides an annotated guide when searching for repertoire, especially for the NZCT Chamber Music Contest. Most of these works have score and audio samples available online, just click on the title to see details. All are available for purchase from SOUNZ.

Please do not hesitate to contact SOUNZ with any enquiries.

Graded repertoire lists for other instrumentations are available at these pages:
String Chamber Music
Piano Ensemble (6-8 hands)





Biddington: Music for Friends
for piano trio
Grade 5
Just as title suggests. Six attractive movements well suiting first time chamber music players. Violin moves between 1st and 3rd positions. Pianist may need to reduce some octave passages.
Biddington: Adagio Triste
for two violins and piano
Grade 5
Very accessible.Rhythmically straightforward and melodically interesting for all players. Requires sensitive and expressive playing with an understanding of rubato. Vibrato required. Violin briefly in 6th/7th position.
Biddington: Trio no. 1
for violin, viola and piano
Grade 5
Fun for students new to chamber music playing and straightforward to put together. All parts have equal interest. Violin moves between 1st and 3rd positions.
Biddington: Trio no. 2
for violin, viola and piano
Grade 4
Simpler than Trio no. 1 and ideal for students new to chamber music. Rhythmically straightforward and melodically interesting for all players. Violin moves between 1st and 3rd positions. Some treble clef in viola.
Buchanan-Smart: Tongariro
for piano trio
Grade 7-8
Rhythmically challenging, including irregular time signatures and changing metres. Dissonant idiom. Complex chords for pianist, plus sustained octave passages.Wide range of dynamics throughout. 3rd movement is sempre staccato for strings.
Body: Two Blues
for piano trio
Grade 7-8
Players need to be familiar with jazz idioms and be able to stay in the groove. Momentary rhythmic challenges. Piano frequently comps, elsewhere agility across the keyboard is required in written improvisatory passages. Cello moves into tenor and treble clefs.
Crehan: Trio Fantasia
for two violins and piano
Grade 6
One movement: Allegro energico-Andante con preciso-Allegro energico. Strong tango overtones, characterful and fun. Rhythmically exacting and some metre changes. High position work for first violin. Piano part lies extremely well under the hands.
Crehan: At the Breaking Point
for piano trio
Advanced: diploma
One movement: Allegro energico. Very detailed score drawing on a wide range of articulations, dynamics and colour effects. Percussive and rhythmically challenging. Prevalent use of double-stopping in both string parts.
Grenfell: A feather of Blue
for piano trio
Advanced: diplomaAtmospheric textures. Complex writing for all instruments and rhythmically demanding.
Lin: Scherzo for D.S.
for piano trio

Advanced:grade 8/diploma

A tribute to Shostakovich, brimming with East European character and flavour. Rhythmically challenging, motivic, often sitting well above the stave.
Norton: Trio
for 2 volins and piano

Grade 6Three movements: En bateau, Nocturne (Andante espressivo) and Finale (Lively). Equal string parts, pianistic and rhythmically comfortable. Conversational interplay between parts.
Rimmer: Burning The Calories
for piano trio
 Advanced: diplomaUnabashedly programmatic - a solid workout for all players. Challenging individual parts, intricate ensemble work, at times percussive. Rhythmically and texturally driven.
Ritchie, A: Piano Trio  Grade 8 - diploma
Three descriptive movements: 1. Maggie Boy, Nice Boy (Allegro barbaro), 2. The Daemon (Adagio), 3. Hyper-dyper (Allegro). Incisive, open textures, rhythmically complex. Good interplay between parts.
Thomas: September's Scars
for piano trio
 Grade 5
In memory of 9/11 victims. Slow and meditative. A quick learn with straightforward ensemble work. Opportunity to develop sustained string sound and bow control. Piano part provides floating sonorities.
Biss: Dance Trio
for piano trio
 Grade 7-8
Three movements: 1. Allegro, motoric and buoyant, featuring rhythmic unisons, leaps and changing metres; 2. Lento, calmo has exposed high cello writing; 3. Vivo, is the most difficult, with tossed imitative fragments between instruments, spiccato and extended octave passages for piano.
Kelly: Sono
 Grade 7-8
Some tenor and treble clef writing in cello part. Double stopping in both parts. Unusual chord clusters and octave writing in piano.
Bowater: Banshee
for two violins, cello and piano
Advanced: diploma
Programmatic and characterful. Draws on a range of extended techniques for all instruments and additional 'tools' for the piano.
Norton: Quartet for Three Violins and Piano
Grade 6-7
Three movements in easy jazz style. 1. Interplay, 2. Serenade (dreamily), gently weaves a melody through all instruments, 3.Jaunt (lively), darts across instruments in ever-changing metres.
Ritchie, A: Oppositions
for piano quartet
Grade 7-8
One movement. Adagio-Allegro Vigoroso. Straightforward ensemble work, shared interest in all parts, rhythmically incisive with lots of rhythmic unisons.
Norton: Quintet for Four Violins and Piano Grade 6-7
Three movements in easy jazz style. 1. Fantasy (gently), 2. Ostinato (moderato, 3. Improvisation (slow). Well-written for all instruments. Texturally and harmonically interesting with lots of doubling in string parts and shared roles. A passage of improvisation is required. Fun, innovative, full of variety.