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for taonga puoro, flutes

Year:  2024   ·  Duration:  9m 12s
Instrumentation:  for piccolo/flute/alto flute/bass flute/contrabass flute and taonga puroro (various)

Year:  2024
Duration:  9m 12s
Instrumentation  for piccolo/flute/alto flut...

Composer:   Tessa Brinckman

Composer:   Horomona Horo

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Tessa Brinckman grew up with Maori stories of the taniwha (spiritual protectors and antagonists), and a sense of the dark underground places they lived, beyond Pakeha explanation. She was struck similarly by a sense of strong ancestral forces that exist around northern Manhattan. This piece is a tribute to the dead, the living, ancient pathways and machines (specifically subways) that vibrate the foundations of Manhattan.

For more information about accessing the score for this work please visit here