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When a pale blue dot breathes, a crowd of cacophony begins

for orchestra

  ·  Duration:  11m 20s
Instrumentation:  2(2=picc).2.2.2 / / Timp+2 / Strings

Duration:  11m 20s
Instrumentation  2(2=picc).2.2.2 / /...

Joshua Pearson

Composer:   Joshua Pearson

Films, Audio & Samples

Joshua Pearson: When a pale...

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When a pale blue dot breathes, a crowd of cacophony begins is celebrating its 30th anniversary of the first picture taken of the famous image 'Pale blue dot' by NASA's Voyager 1 spacecraft on the 14th February 1990. The 'pale blue dot' image shows our lonely home planet Earth suspended in the sunbeam. I came up with the phrase ' When a pale blue dot breathes, a crowd of cacophony begins' to help illustrate a poetic image of our home planet. The 'pale blue dot' acts as a microscopic living cell or living organism in the super macro-universe. In comparison to several mega galaxies, stars, planets, cosmos and other undiscovered objects in space, Earth is a faint breath compared to the forever expanding universe. If we zoom inside that tiny pale blue speck, a pandemonium of sounds, voices, cries, noises from every hair of planet Earth causes destructive chaos to this peaceful dreamy watery facade.

The piece also references NASA's 'Golden Record'. The Golden Record is a photograph that contains sounds, images, and greetings selected to portray the diversity of life and the rich culture of planet Earth. The Golden Record photograph is installed on both Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 spacecrafts to take it to outer space. It is intended to communicate our presence and our history of the world to extraterrestrials or intelligent lifeforms.

Another inspiration for my piece is my late father's final sketches before he passed away. A series of abstract drawings of science fiction themes, the human condition, utopian-dystopian realities, apocalyptic futurism, and popular culture references he used in most of his work. I was fascinated by his creative vision and imagination in his drawings. I wanted to give a response to his work in my orchestral piece.